TESVOLT Storage System Caps Power Peaks at Oktoberfest

At Oktoberfest in Munich, a high-voltage storage system from TESVOLT "TS HV 70 OUTDOOR" helped in keeping down electricity costs in the largest tent, the Festzelt Tradition. The peaks in demand previously led to high costs for the tent’s owners as they were covered by power from the grid. In the Fall of 2018, a High-Voltage Lithium Battery supplied the additional power needed.

The Company MP Elektrotechnik Münchin installed the Storage system with an output of 70-kilowatt hours (kWh).

The electrical company chose TESVOLT not least for its system’s high charging and discharging speed. "When the tent has almost 8,000 guests at peak times, the additional electricity requirement must be reliably covered. In addition, the battery cells have such a high power density that the system needs very little space " reported Matthias Poeting of MP Elektrotechnik. Around 70 percent of the electricity demand came from the kitchen, while the remaining energy was mostly used for lighting and heating.

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Storage System TS HV 70 OUTDOOR
Capacity/Power 67 kWh / 60 kW
System On-Grid
Inverter Manager SMA STPS 60
Business Type Gastronomy
Application peak load capping
Country/Region Germany
Partner MP Elektrotechnik München