Farming at the right temperature

Reducing climate costs with battery storage systems

On the Kartoffelhof Ehlen, the six-member Ehlen family jointly farms 260 hectares. In addition to potato cultivation, pig farming is an important part of agriculture on the farm.

Consumers in Germany are used to being able to buy potatoes all year round. To ensure that the potatoes last from harvesting between June and October until consumption and do not sprout, they must be stored in a dry place constantly at 4 degrees Celsius.

On the Ehlens' farm, the storage of the different potato varieties is therefore accompanied by a complex climate system. Due to climate change and increasing temperatures, especially in winter, the need for cooling is constantly increasing. Not only the potatoes have to be air-conditioned on the Ehlen farm, but also the pigs need a comfortable room temperature in the pen and a constant supply of fresh air.

In order to be able to consume cheap self-produced electricity, a photovoltaic system was installed a few years ago. But because cooling and ventilation systems also have to work at night, the Ehlen family added a TS HV 70 with 134 kWh of energy to the system. Now they can use cheap electricity from the roof around the clock.


134 kWh / 60 kW
Storage type:
TS HV 70 (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Peak shaving , Self-Consumption Optimisation
Agriculture , Medium-sized businesses / SMEs
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