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TESVOLT specialises in developing innovative, sustainable energy storage systems that reap rewards not just for the environment, but also for our customers’ balance sheets. State-of-the-art prismatic lithium battery cells from Samsung SDI combined with our patented and TÜV-certified Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) smart cell control system ensure superior performance and reliability, without compromise.

Our broad product portfolio covers all commercial and industrial areas of application for energy storage systems: with outputs from 10 kWh to 100 MWh, our solutions can be connected to high-voltage or low-voltage systems, they can be on-grid or off-grid, or used with solar, wind, hydroelectric or combined heat and power sources.

TESVOLT energy storage systems are the economical choice for the most demanding applications. Made in Germany, in Europe’s first ever gigafactory for battery storage systems, in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

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As an installer, this is where we provide you with all our services in one place: from accessing the TESVOLT Academy to simple planning and orders.
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What makes a good storage system? Quality, performance, and optimum interplay between the individual components
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From webinars to certification and sales training, the Academy offers comprehensive expertise as part of our Partner Portal.
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Do you already have experience in installing our storage systems and are looking to expand your business further? Then get started as one of our specialist partners and enjoy exclusive benefits.
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TESVOLT in the media
Not only we like to inform about our company, but also the various newspapers. From FAZ to MZ - here you can find all press reports about us.
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Our products

TS 48 V - The flexible one
With easy modular expansion, the TS storage system can be optimally adjusted to suit any application.
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TS-I HV 80 - The all-rounder
Battery storage system, inverter and energy management in one system
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TS HV 70 - The powerful one
Impressive for its outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness in every situation.
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TS HV 70 Outdoor - The weatherproof one
The ideal solution for outdoor use, from deserts to polar environments.
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TPS Flex - The great all-rounder
A durable and powerful system for those simply seeking even higher performance.
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Our tools

TESVOLT Storage Calculator
Find the optimum storage system for your individual requirements – just like that!
Determine the actual costs of a stored kilowatt hour of electricity using our storage system costs calculator.
TESVOLT Peak Loads Configurator
Our dynamic simulation program for designing and optimising peak shaving. Identify your cost-efficient storage system in just a few steps.

Latest press releases

Tesvolt expands its operations on four continents
Wittenberg, Cape Town, São Paulo, 07/09/2021 – Tesvolt, a manufacturer of battery storage systems for commercial and industrial use, has posted strong growth in the first half of 2021. Alongside high demand for intelligent energy storage systems in Germany, international business is a key engine for growth. Over 40% of Tesvolt’s turnover now comes from international sales. It also plans to enter the North American market next year.
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Tesvolt Aims to Accelerate Inductive Charging for Electric Vehicles
Wittenberg, Munich/Germany, 7 July 2021 – Tesvolt is now a shareholder in Stercom Power Solutions, a first mover in the field of inductive charging. The two companies want to join forces to expedite wireless charging of electric cars, buses and lorries to make driving electric even more convenient, efficient and economical. The expert in commercial energy storage systems, already the recipient of several awards for innovation, and the think tank for high-performance charging have found answers to as yet unresolved questions – like delivering sufficient charging power and finding the right parking position over the magnetic coil.
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Tesvolt Introduces New Storage Systems for Commercial Use
Wittenberg, Germany, 1/3/2021 – Tesvolt presents its new battery storage system, which for the first time has its own energy management system (EMS) and an integrated industrial inverter. The TS-I HV 80 is designed to achieve exceptionally high power electricity cost savings through the use of intelligent functions. The new power quality technology ensures high power quality that prolongs the lifespan of machines in commercial and industrial settings. The new storage system also provides reliable back-up power. Installers can sign up for training webinars now.
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Overview of our press releases

Our awards

Germany´s Most Innovative Companies
A voting of the Capital magazine
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Top-Innovator 2020
The most important innovation award for small and middle-sized companies in Germany
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German Entrepreneur Award
The panel of judges appraised Tesvolt’s storage systems as a ...
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The Smarter E Award
"The Smarter E Award" focuses on solutions and concepts that ...
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The Hugo Junkers Prize has been awarded by the Ministry of Economy, ...
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Global Manufacturing Award
MANPACK’s Global Manufacturing Award recognizes the “game ...
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DCTI Project
The German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) is one of the leading global ...
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