Buy electricity at the right time
With the new time of use applications

Time of use

Reduce costs with time of use applications

Wherever electricity is more expensive at times of high demand (peak tariff) than in periods when demand is low (off-peak tariff), electricity customers with a TESVOLT battery storage system and corresponding tariff can automatically consume more at cheaper times and save money when the cost is high.

A side benefit of this is that it also evens out and stabilises the load on the public utility grid.

How you benefit

  • Reduce costs with the difference between peak and off-peak tariffs
  • This difference can be up to EUR 0.30, depending on the electricity tariff.
  • Faster amortisation of investments

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How does it work?

1. Time-dependent use of storage system functions

Various functions of the storage system as well as installations connected to the circuit can be controlled and switched on and off by the Time of Use (TOU) application on a time-dependent basis in accordance with requirements and demand.

TOU is also part of our Multi-use application and can be combined with peak shaving (PS) and self-consumption optimisation (SCO).

2. Use of fixed specific charging and discharging time windows for the storage system

Time of Use can be used to set different time periods in which the storage system is charged or energy is drawn from it.

In some cases, energy suppliers offer electricity at different rates depending on the time of day. If demand for electricity from the utility grid is high at a particular time, the expensive peak tariff applies, whereas the cheaper off-peak tariff applies at times of lower consumption. Time of Use can be used to manage the battery storage system so that it is charged during off-peak tariff times and used to supply power at peak tariff times.

Explanatory Video on Time of Use

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Reference Projects

Municipality, Great Britain
Municipalities as Energy Distributors

Our products

TS 48 V
The flexible one: With easy modular expansion, it can be optimally adjusted to suit any application.
TS-I HV 80
The all-star: Convinces with durability, efficiency and flexible expandability.
TS HV 30 - 80 E
The new benchmark for commercial storage systems: A completely new standard in independent energy supply.
TS-I HV 80 E
The all-star with the E-factor: impresses with maximum energy density, low investment costs and its wide range of applications.
TS-I HV 100 E
The big all-star with the E-factor: offers high performance with a small footprint and attractive investment costs.
The great all-rounder with the e-factor
The new benchmark in the outdoor version: compact in a container.

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