Buy electricity at the right time
With the new Time of Use applications

Time of Use

Reduce costs with time of use applications

Wherever electricity is more expensive at times of high demand (peak tariff) than in periods when demand is low (off-peak tariff), electricity customers with a TESVOLT battery storage system and corresponding tariff can automatically consume more at cheaper times and save money when the cost is high.

A side benefit of this is that it also evens out and stabilises the load on the public utility grid.

How you benefit

  • Reduce costs with the difference between peak and off-peak tariffs (arbitrage)
  • This difference can be up to EUR 0.30, depending on the electricity tariff.
  • Faster amortisation of investments

How does it work?

Simply charge the battery at low tariff times and use the stored electricity when needed

Our products

TS-I HV 80 Lithium Storage System
The all-rounder – Battery storage system, inverter and energy management in one system
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TS 48 V Lithium Storage System
The flexible one – with easy modular expansion, the TS storage system can be optimally adjusted to suit any application.
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TS HV 70 Lithium Storage System
The powerful one – impressive for its outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness in every situation.
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TS HV 70 Outdoor Lithium Storage System
The weatherproof one – the ideal solution for outdoor use, from deserts to polar environments.
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TPS Flex Lithium Storage System
The great all-rounder – a durable and powerful system for those simply seeking even higher performance.
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