What we believe in

Our declaration of independence.

We believe that energy belongs to everyone.
No matter when or where.

Because energy means freedom.
The freedom to create, to develop, to research.
Which is to say, everything that moves us forward.

So it has to be accessible at all times.

Independent of fossil fuels.
Independent of weather conditions.
Independent of politics.

Our ideas, our technologies and our partners
are helping to drive the energy transition by letting
everyone choose to live sustainably.

Thanks to us, they have the choice. They are

free to go green.

What does “free to go green” mean exactly, and what does freedom have to do with our energy storage solutions? Find out in our company film:


TESVOLT produces battery storage systems for commerce and industry. Founded by Daniel Hannemann and Simon Schandert in 2014, TESVOLT has conquered the market for renewable energy storage solutions. In 2022, finance expert Philipp Koecke joined the Board of Directors. TESVOLT began with the vision of a world in which we can all choose to use green energy. Using our innovative technologies, we create energy solutions that enable freedom from fossil fuels and economic strictures.

We offer integrated, tailored solutions that cover all key areas in the commercial and industrial sector, for just about every application. With outputs from 10 kWh to 20 MWh, connected to high-voltage or low-voltage systems, on-grid or off-grid, linked with solar, wind, hydroelectric or combined heat and power sources. Our systems are market leaders for LCOS, flexibility, lifespan, energy consumption, safety and efficiency. But don’t just take our word for it. TESVOLT has received numerous awards, including the German Entrepreneur Award, and was twice named most innovative company by the TOP 100 jury.


TESVOLT manufactures its products in its Wittenberg plant, Europe’s first carbon-neutral gigafactory for stationary battery storage systems, and delivers them worldwide. Its mission is change the world of energy and engineer freedom. In over 4,000 projects worldwide, TESVOLT storage systems have helped make the world better, greener and freer. With much more to come. Because TESVOLT is a global player with an agile structure, with the flexibility, innovation, speed and efficiency to respond to market changes. Today, we are an innovation and market leader for commercial and industrial energy storage solutions in Germany and Europe.


We have enormous storage capacities in Europe, and we want to makes these resources accessible without limitation. Because we have the potential to create freedom. The freedom that awaits at the end of our green revolution. But this energy revolution won’t just happen on its own. It will take all of us. So we are seizing opportunities and working with partners and customers who want to be part of this “greenolution”. We may not have been around for long, but with enough allies to carry our ideals forward we can achieve our goal of enabling affordable green energy – anywhere and at any time.


For your business

The market for energy storage systems that can be connected to renewable energy sources is enormous. And TESVOLT technology is leading the way. Our solutions offer you easy access to the market and new, profitable business areas. Through our Partner Portal, you will find all the support you could hope for – education and further training opportunities in our Academy, a project planner for easy design, not to mention our product configurator for generating quotes. Whether you’re an installer, a dealer or a project developer, we offer you safe, economical energy storage solutions and cooperative support in every process.

To the partner programme

For your customers

You don’t just get a storage system from TESVOLT. You get freedom. The freedom to help define a sustainable energy future, the freedom to choose green energy. But also freedom from dependencies of any kind – on fossil fuels, politics or traditional electricity generators. Our technological solutions, with their intelligent networking of generation, consumption and storage, make energy autonomy a reality. Because no matter what kind of energy issue you have, we have the right solution. For 10 kWh or up to 100 MWh, multi-use or off-grid usage – we offer you complete, tailored solutions that expand to match your requirements.

To the portfolio

For all of us

The way live now and the decisions we make will affect future generations. At TESVOLT, our aim is to make the world a better place. Commerce and industry require a lot of energy. By efficiently storing renewable energies, we reduce fossil fuel usage in this segment – and that’s something we all benefit from. Together with our partners and customers, we want to create a world where clean, affordable energy is the standard – for everyone. With over 4,000 projects realised to date, we’ve proven that “green” industry is possible. And every new TESVOLT battery storage system installed is another step closer to our destination on our journey to the energy transition.

To our projects

What we’ve achieved already

A selection of our awards. You can find an overview of all our awards here.

Winner: in 2020 and 2022, TESVOLT was named “Top Innovator of the Year” in the TOP 100 competition.

Winner: in the 2018 “Rising Star” category, TESVOLT was recognised as one of the most successful business start-ups in recent years.

2021 finalist in “The Spark” – an award for startups focusing on climate neutrality.

Award for solutions that use renewable energies and decentralisation to intelligently link up the whole range of energy segments in the fields of electricity, heating and transport.

Award for rural electrification of an off-grid avocado farm project in Australia.

TESVOLT is among the top 100 employers in the energy industry (in the SME segment) in Germany.