The Tesvolt story

“Our goal is to bring affordable, clean energy to every corner of the world. Even to places where people have no access to the utility grid.”

With this vision in mind, Daniel Hannemann and Simon Schandert founded TESVOLT in the summer of 2014. Their goal is to develop and manufacture battery systems that store electricity from renewable energy sources as efficiently as possible. Since trade and industry have the highest energy requirements in many countries, the start-up concentrated from the outset on high-capacity storage facilities.

The founders worked on their own battery control technology to make their products as durable and economical as possible. With success: TESVOLT’s award-winning battery management system ensures that commercial and industrial storage systems pay for themselves within just a few years.

But the success of TESVOLT comes not just from its superior technology, but also its agile company structure. In extremely dynamic markets, flexibility, speed and innovation are key. Conventional hierarchical organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to meet market needs. At TESVOLT, self-organisation and team culture are the order of the day, allowing the company to serve the markets of tomorrow with confidence.

Even today, TESVOLT is producing its commercial storage solutions in series in Europe’s first Gigafactory for battery storage, delivering them all over the world.

Our Company

Wittenberg’s Gigafactory guarantees C02-neutral production

TESVOLT specialises in battery storage for commercial enterprises. We produce lithium-ion-based storage systems that operate at both low and high voltages and can be connected to all power generators: solar, wind, hydroelectric, biogas and combined heat and power – on-grid as well as off-grid. All TESVOLT storage systems are produced in the first production facility in Europe to achieve an annual production capacity of up to 1 gigawatt hour.

Our mission is to provide affordable energy anytime and anywhere.

Our Products

Maximum Safety

Prismatic battery cells are very durable, safe and powerful, especially when compared to cylindric cells.

Maximum Lifespan

All components are built for a 30-year lifespan or 8,000 cycles.

Uncompromisingly Powerful

The continuous power is 1C – and even 4C for short periods – enabling professional use in trade, agriculture and industry.

Future-Proof Flexibility

Our TESVOLT storage systems not only offer flexible configuration options at the time of purchase, but thanks to the innovative Active Battery Optimizer technology, their capacity can also be expanded years later.

Our milestones & achievements

  • 2020
    • Roadshow for acquiring specialist partners throughout Europe on- and offline
    • Opening of the Online Academy
    • Top 100: Top Innovator of the Year
  • 2019
    • Lucas Cranach Prize of Lutherstadt Wittenberg in the category “Impulses for the city”
    • Europe’s first Gigafactory for battery storage systems
    • International Award for Rural Electrification (ARE)
  • 2018
    • The smarter E AWARD for an off-grid avocado farm in Australia
    • German Entrepreneur Award in the category “Rising Star”
  • 2017
    • Global Leading RES (Renewable Energy Systems) Award
  • 2016
    • Hugo Junkers Prize for Technical Innovation from the state of Saxony-Anhalt
  • 2015
    • Start of production
  • 2014
    • Founding
You can find more information about our awards here.

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TESVOLT Fact Sheet

Everything you need to know about TESVOLT condensed into 2 pages

TESVOLT Fact Sheet