TS-I HV 100 E lithium storage system
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The big allstar with the E-factor

A wide range of possible applications

Incl. integrated inverter, TESVOLT Energy Manager & myTESWORLD portal

Incl. power quality technology

100% depth of discharge

35% higher energy density

Reduced space requirements

Charging speed 1 C

Extremely safe cell technology

Versatile, economically efficient
and powerful without compromise

The TS-I HV 100 E satisfies even the highest performance and economic efficiency standards. Are you interested in dynamic peak shaving, Time of Use or back-up power applications, either on-grid or off-grid? Then the TS-I HV 100 E is sure to impress you. With output well into the megawatt hour range, it’s equipped to handle the toughest jobs and, thanks to the active filter technology, it also improves the local power quality – sustainably and almost incidentally. High-quality battery cells from the automotive industry and innovative technologies such as the DynamiX Battery Optimizer make the TS-I HV 100 E series one of the most durable products on the market.

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The integrated TESVOLT PCS industry inverter

Black Start-Capable
The battery inverter can be operated off-grid or supply back-up power in the event of a power outage

Power Quality
Reduces load imbalance, feeds in reactive power and eliminates harmonics in the local utility grid

Modular Principle
The inverter consists of up to four IPU inverter modules (of 75 kW each with two battery strings; can be upgraded at any time)

Control Rate
Response time to power requirements in the utility grid in milliseconds

Maximum Power Density
Potential for up to 340 kW with a footprint of just 0.54 m2

Control and monitoring made easy
The TESVOLT energy management system

All energy flows can be recorded, controlled and monitored second-by-second with the innovative TESVOLT energy management system – consisting of the TESVOLT Energy Manager and myTESWORLD portal. By setting individual operational strategies, you can combine a wide variety of applications and thus perfectly adapt the system to the needs of trade and industry.

The TESVOLT energy management system is available both as a free Basic version and as a fee-based Pro version with valuable additional functions, such as the multi-use feature and minute-by-minute data evaluation for even greater transparency.

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Application areas


Sites that are far from the utility grid, such as mountain huts, have until recently needed a diesel generator or combined heat and power unit to obtain a continuous power supply. Although these technologies can be procured relatively cheaply, their maintenance and operating costs are higher.

The TS-I HV 100 E can be combined with renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics or wind power to form a stand-alone system, thus providing an off-grid electricity supply that is not only greener, but also more cost-effective.


Because the TS-I HV 100 E allows the battery to be used in multiple ways concurrently, two operational management strategies can be combined: self-consumption optimisation (SCO), peak shaving (physical or RLM) or Time of Use (ToU).

The storage system can be configured as needed, with the ability to define a specific storage range for each use case. This maximises the storage system’s service life, meaning that investments will pay for themselves sooner.

Back-Up Power

Power outages are a crucial consideration for many businesses. Ventilation, heating, cooling and production machines cannot be allowed to go idle, as this risks causing economic losses. Often, emergency diesel power generators are installed as a backup, but these incur high fuel and maintenance costs, as well as generating noise and emissions.

By contrast, the TS-I HV 100 E provides a clean, reliable source of back-up power and helps cut operating costs by a considerable amount.

Overview of all application areas

Free Basic Version

Self-Consumption Optimisation

Use more energy from renewable sources and minimise feed-in.

Physical Peak Shaving

Shave consumption peaks and minimise demand rate costs. The grid connection must be able to supply all loads.

Zero Feed-In

VDE FNN-certified fulfilment of grid requirements for not feeding electricity into the utility grid.

Load Control

Consumption optimisation via active connection/disconnection of consumers depending on the energy generated.

Generation Control

Consumption optimisation via active connection/disconnection of generators depending on the energy generated in grid operation.

Charging Station Control1

Smart control of a single charge (set) point and central controls via the TESVOLT Energy Manager.

Fee-Based Pro Version

RLM Peak Shaving

A smart way of reducing consumption peaks at 15-minute intervals and making full use of storage systems.

Power Quality

A battery inverter with a power quality function balances fluctuations in the mains voltage, thus ensuring that facilities have consistently high mains quality and therefore operate safely.


Simultaneous use of various applications (SCO & PS RLM, SCO & TOU, PS & TOU)

Charging Station Control1

Smart control of multiple charge (set) points and central controls via the TESVOLT Energy Manager.

Forecast-Based Charging

Depending on the weather forecast, curtailment losses from photovoltaic installations are avoided and self-consumption is optimised.

Semi-Off-Grid Operation

The consumers are supplied exclusively from the utility grid or entirely from their own storage systems and generators.


Time of Use

Time-dependent use of energy features and services.


Supplying a small power grid with or without connection to a public utility grid. A micro-grid consists of a battery storage system in addition to other generator systems and controllable consumers.


Back-up Power

Storage system immediately takes over the power supply in the event of a power outage.


TESVOLT’s solution for simple off-grid systems which solely consist of a photovoltaic installation and battery system.

Direct marketer interface

The PV direct marketer transmits the control signals to the PV installation via the EMS.


1) Additional costs for project planing a incurred for more than one charging station

The Basic version is included in the battery storage system at no additional cost. It includes all the energy service functions listed. These can be combined under restrictions.

1. Restriction: only if PV and battery inverter each fulfill an energy service function.

2. Restriction: the customer can combine a maximum of two energy services).

The Pro version can be added to the battery storage system at an additional annual cost of EUR 3/kW (battery inverter output). It includes all of the energy service features listed below as well as the Basic version. Considering project-specific dependencies, these features can be combined and allow the simultaneous use of different energy service strategies.

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Technical Data TS-HV 80 E

TS-I HV 80 E TS-I HV 100 E
Type designation TS HV 90/10-20 TS HV 90/12-20
Energy content 80 kWh (bei 100 % DOD) 96 kWh (bei 100 % DOD)
Nominal voltage 810 V ⎓ 972 V ⎓
Min. operating voltage 704 V ⎓ 845 V ⎓
Max. operating voltage 913 V ⎓ 1096 V ⎓
Max. charging/discharging current 100 A 100 A ⎓
Max. C-rate 1C
Cell Lithium NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)
Cell balancing DynamiX Battery Optimizer
Cycles expected @ 100% DoD | 70% EoL | 23°C +/-5°C 1C/1C 6000
Cycles expected @ 100% DoD | 70% EoL | 23°C +/-5°C 0.5C/0.5C 8000
Efficiency (battery) bis zu 98 %
Self-consumption (standby) 5 W (without battery inverter)
Operating temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Ambient temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Humidity 0 bis 80 % (nicht kondensierend)
Cooling concept passiv via Luftschlitze und aktiv via Lüfter
Altitude of installation site < 2000 m ü. N.N.
Weight Total 708 kg 834 kg
Weight cabinet 131 kg 144 kg
Weight battery module 56 kg
Weight battery management system (APU) 13 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2008 x 608 x 990 mm 2208 x 608 x 990 mm
Tilt height 2155 mm (front/back)/
2090 mm (lateral)
2358 mm (front/back)/
2160 mm (lateral)
Certificates/standards celle IEC 62619, UL 1642, UN 38.3
Certificates/standards product CE, UN 38.3, IEC 62619, IEC 62620, IEC 61010, IEC 61508,
IEC 61000-6-2/4/7, 2006/66/EC (Battery Directive)
Guarantee 10-year performance guarantee, 5-year system guarantee
Recycling TESVOLT offers a free take-back scheme for batteries from Germany
Protection class IP 20
Protection class I
Battery specification as per DIN EN 62620:2015 INP46/175/127/[1P22S]M/-20+60/90

Technical Data PCS

1 Independent Power Unit (IPU) 2 IPUs 3 IPUs 4 IPUs
Rated active power 80 kW/85 kW* 160 kW/170 kW* 240 kW/255 kW* 320 kW/340 kW*
Rated apparent power 80 kVA/87 kVA* 160 kVA/173 kVA* 240 kVA/260 kVA* 320 kVA/346 kVA*
Rated AC current 125 A 250 A 375 A 500 A
Rated DC current 140 A ⎓ 280 A ⎓ 420 A ⎓ 560 A ⎓
DC short-circuit current ( 238 A ⎓ 476 A ⎓ 714 A ⎓ 952 A ⎓
Operating voltage AC 400/480 V +/-10 %
Grid frequency 50/60 Hz
DC voltage range 680 V ⎓ to 1200 V ⎓
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2200 x 820 x 660 mm
Tilt height 2290 mm (front/back)/2350 mm (lateral)
Max. efficiency 97,8 %
Operating temperature 0 bis 40 °C
Weight approx. 390 kg approx. 530 kg approx. 670 kg approx. 820 kg
Protection class IP 20
Communication Modbus TCP/IP
Topology Transformer-free
Certificates and permits CE, EN 50178, EN 61439-1/2, EN 61000-6-2/4, EN 55011, VDE AR-N 4110, IEC 62477
Noise level Max. 83 dB(A)



System configurations

* The TESVOLT PCS inverter is certified exclusively in accordance with VDE AR-N 4110 for connection to the medium-voltage grid. For connection to the low-voltage grid in accordance with VDE AR-N 4105, the approval of the grid operator is required in accordance with the applicable Technical Connection Conditions (TAB) and the necessary grid safety measures must be implemented.

Specification text

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Battery Disposal