Power quality
Thanks to the integrated TESVOLT inverter

Power quality

Protect expensive machinery and equipment

When operating production facilities, fluctuations in the mains voltage are inevitable occurrence that also affect the public grid. Simply switching loads on and off can cause voltage to suddenly rise or drop. This translates into poor power quality that impairs machines, robots, data lines, transformers, compensators and all the facilities’ other components, and in the worst case, causes defects. It can also have unfavourable economic consequences (costs for production downtimes) and legal ramifications (manufacturer’s guarantee, insurance cover) for a facility operator.

An inverter with a power quality function balances fluctuations in the mains voltage and, by so doing, ensures that facilities have consistently high mains quality and therefore operate safely.

How you benefit

  • You automatically act in line with the law, because you are meeting the DIN standard for utility grid quality when operating production facilities.
  • You don’t run the risk of voiding the guarantee on your facilities, because you are meeting the manufacturer’s specifications on power supply quality.
  • You also protect yourself against production downtimes resulting from defects in facility components caused by voltage fluctuations.

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Everyone is responsible for power quality within their own company and must, by law, monitor and document the quality of the mains voltage. This is the only way you can remain covered if the grid is damaged or someone is physically injured. Machine manufacturers also specify exactly what power quality the machine must be supplied with so the guarantee remains valid. If the mains voltage is outside these normative limits, they can refuse to honour the guarantee if and when damage occurs on the grounds of the machine not being operated properly. An inverter with power quality helps with meeting the specifications and minimising risks in this respect.

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