Ancillary services

With frequency regulation bring in cash

To keep the utility grid working at its best, the amount of generated electricity must equal that consumed. This has to happen for each and every second of the day and night. If more energy is fed in than is needed at a given time, or if demand exceeds supply, load fluctuations occur and cause power failures. Grid operators are in a constant balancing act to manage this with system demand control.

Battery storage systems are becoming increasingly crucial to power system stability, especially in the context of the energy transition. That’s because they can be quickly charged if there’s too much energy in the utility grid, or discharged if there’s too little energy available. Private storage system operators have yet another incentive: depending on the type and extent of services provided, the grid operator offers remuneration.

How does it work?

With battery storage systems always in the right frequency range.

TS-I HV 80 lithium storage system
The all-rounder – Battery storage system, inverter and energy management in one system
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TS HV 70 lithium storage system
The powerful one – impresses with its optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness on any site.
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TS HV 70 Outdoor lithium storage system
The weatherproof one – the ideal solution for outdoor use, from deserts to polar environments.
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TPS Flex lithium storage system
The great all-rounder – a durable and powerful system for those simply seeking even higher performance.
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