TESVOLT configurators
Find the right storage system quickly

Which is the right system?

Choosing the right storage system is not an easy matter. We have therefore created a series of tools, which allow you to complete a wide range of calculations and to select the right product from our portfolio.

As a TESVOLT partner, we offer you in-depth and exclusive services on our partner portal. These include our project planner for the technical design of the appropriate application for your customer project as well as our product configurator for the planning of the storage including offer and order. Both tools can be used individually or in combination. More information here in the Partner Portal.

TESVOLT storage calculator

Our storage calculator helps you find the optimum storage system for your requirements. Just enter the annual electricity consumption, the nominal power of the photovoltaic installation and the desired applications. The energy and power of the storage system are adjusted to your specific requirements. The TESVOLT storage calculator also determines potential CO2 savings as well as data on how much electricity is drawn from and fed to the grid.

TESVOLT LCOS calculator

Our LCOS (levelised cost of storage) calculator allows you to calculate the actual costs for a stored kilowatt hour of electricity based on a TS HV 30-80 E compared to a system chosen by you. The calculation is based on the costs for the complete storage system, consisting of the battery and battery inverter, as well as the relevant depth of discharge [DOD], the system efficiency [%], and the energy content [nominal capacity in kWh] of the storage system.

TESVOLT LCOS calculator
Determine the actual costs of a stored kilowatt hour of electricity using our storage system costs calculator.