Actual Power Storage Costs

Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS)

In order to accurately calculate power storage costs per kWh, the entire storage system, i.e. the battery and battery inverter, is taken into account. The key parameters here are the discharge depth [DOD], system efficiency [%] and energy content [rated capacity in kWh].

Price *:
Output (kW):
Energy (kWh):
Cycles **:
TS HV 30-80 E
Charge time: 555 Hours
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EUR Here the total price of the system is entered.
kW See manufacturer’s specifications on inverter data sheet
kWh See manufacturer’s specifications on battery data sheet
See manufacturer’s specifications on data sheet or manufacturer’s warranty conditions
% Overall efficiency (round trip efficiency) is calculated from the battery efficiency and inverter efficiency ratings, i.e. system efficiency = battery efficiency [%] x inverter efficiency [%]
% Guaranteed battery discharge depths in operation. See manufacturer’s specifications on battery data sheet.
??? EUR/kWh
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Storage systems for commercial use are charged and discharged more frequently than those in individual homes, and must therefore be able to withstand higher cycle loads. TESVOLT TS HV systems for commercial applications can complete a full charge and discharge cycle within just one hour (1 C-rate), which helps to optimise the self-consumption of factories, for example. As a result, more cycles can be achieved per year than with the conventional storage systems found in private homes. And commercial storage systems are also equipped to deal with high cycle loads during peak shaving, when providing balancing power and in off-grid applications.

* recommended retail price including lithium battery, inverter and accessories (recommended retail price to end customers)
** Expected cycles @ 0.5 C