Cleverly combined for double the benefit
SCO plus PS adds up to greater efficiency


How does it help?

The TS-I HV 80 storage system allows the battery to be used in multiple ways simultaneously, which makes it possible to combine two management strategies: self-consumption optimisation (SCO) and peak shaving (PS when physical, otherwise RLM). This harnesses the benefits of both applications: peak loads are avoided and less electricity is required from the supplier. This reduces electricity costs in two ways.

How you benefit

  • Greater cost savings for electricity
  • Investment pays for itself sooner
  • Extended battery lifespan

How does it work?

The user configures their battery system so that it fully utilises the maximum storage capacity for PS and SCO. The load curve shows how many kWh are typically required for PS. The difference between this and the maximum storage capacity can be used for self-consumption optimisation. This allows individually defined storage ranges to be set for each application. As an example, where only 40% of the battery capacity is needed for PS, the user can configure their system via the TESVOLT Energy Manager to ensure 60% is released for SCO.

Find out more about each application here:

Physical peak shaving

RLM peak shaving

Self-consumption optimisation

TS-I HV 80 lithium storage system
The all-rounder – Battery storage system, inverter and energy management in one system
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