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Benefit from two applications at once

Thanks to its TESVOLT Energy Manager energy management system, the TS-I HV 80 enables concurrent use of multiple battery storage systems. This means you can use two operational management strategies in parallel in a variety of combinations: self-consumption optimisation (SCO) with peak shaving (physical or RLM PS), SCO with Time of Use (TOU) or TOU with PS. Multi-use allows you to harness the benefits of both applications. You can use individual settings to define which application to prioritise. In each case, electricity costs are cut in two ways, which also means that the investment is written off sooner.

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Option 1: SCO with PS

Combining the self-consumption optimisation and peak shaving applications reduces additional costs for peak loads as well as the electricity purchased from the supplier.

How You Benefit from SCO and PS

  • Greater cost savings for electricity
  • Investment written off sooner
  • Extended battery lifespan with RLM PS

How does multi-use with SCO and PS work?

Every day, the TESVOLT Energy Manager ensures an optimal charging and consumption strategy. This is based on weather forecast data and the battery capacity or charging level. In many cases, the grid connection specifies a maximum load peak that the TESVOLT system precisely adheres to with physical PS. The difference between this and the maximum storage capacity can be used for self-consumption optimisation. This applies regardless of whether physical PS or the more efficient, dynamic Peak shaving RLPM (registered load profile measurement) is applied.

Explanatory Video on Multi-Use

Option 2: SCO with TOU

If the self-consumption optimisation and time of use applications are combined, both the use of electricity produced in-house and any drawing of electricity from the utility grid are automatically aligned to ensure optimum cost efficiency.

How You Benefit from SCO and TOU

  • Maximum cost savings for electricity
  • Investment written off sooner

How does multi-use with SCO and TOU work?

The TESVOLT Energy Manager is configured so the amount of electricity that has to be purchased from the supplier in addition to the electricity you’ve produced in-house is charged at a particularly affordable price, e.g. at the night tariff. The battery storage system delivers its power either if and from the point that the company’s own electricity production is insufficient to cover demand, or at certain times when the supplier’s electricity price is particularly high.

Option 3: PS with TOU

Combining peak shaving and time of use applications reduces additional costs caused by load peaks and ensures that electricity is only purchased from the utility grid at times when prices are favourable. (Depending on the pricing of the electricity tariff and potential legal restrictions on the time-dependent maximum amount of electricity purchased.)

How You Benefit from PS and TOU

  • Greater cost savings for electricity
  • Investment written off sooner

How does multi-use with PS and ToU work?

The TESVOLT Energy Manager is configured so the storage capacity required for peak shaving is obtained from particularly cheap electricity. The load curve shows how many kWh are typically used for PS and when, so the system knows when the storage system is to be charged and to what level. At predefined times, the storage system can then be charged with cheap electricity from the utility grid.

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