Safety always comes as standard

Rely on TESVOLT quality

Most of TESVOLT storage systems are certified by TÜV Rheinland. That makes them not only some of the most powerful storage systems on the market, but also some of the safest.

As part of our appreciation of quality and safety, we engage in trusting collaboration exclusively with accredited partners.

Our long-standing partnership with Samsung SDI is especially significant here. It enables us to integrate the safest and most powerful battery cells into our storage systems. Prismatic battery cells from Samsung SDI have been extensively tried and tested, and have proven reliable for numerous different applications (GWh).

TESVOLT storage systems
All the safety features at a glance

All TESVOLT products are manufactured entirely in Germany, and each battery cell or module is thoroughly tested and cycled in our own “end-of-line” test track before delivery. Our energy storage systems feature independent, redundant safety cascades across all components – and ensure the maximum possible level of safety.

Battery cells

Safety fuse (CID):

Interrupts current in the event of short circuit or overcurrent. Prevents current overload in the cell.

Safety valve:

Predetermined breaking point – opens in the event of overpressure. Adds safety through pressure balancing.

Overcharge Safety Device (OSD):

Interrupts the current if a cell is overloaded. Adds safety by protecting from overcharging.

Safety Functional Layer (SFL):

Ceramic protective layer for thermal resistance. Prevents short circuit between anode and cathode. Creates safety by avoiding ageing mechanisms (dendrite formation or lithium cracking).

Nail Safety Device (NSD):

Protection against short circuit caused by mechanical damage to the cell. Creates safety by minimising the risk of thermal runaway.

Robust aluminium housing

Protection against deformation and mechanical damage to the cell.

Battery module

Safety fuse

Additional safety fuse to prevent overcurrent. Creates safety by protecting cells from being overloaded.

Measurement concept

The voltage and temperature are determined for each individual cell. Creates safety by monitoring each individual cell.

Robust housing

Protection against external influences and deformation of the cells.


TESVOLT’s certified and award-winning battery management system with the APU (ACTIVE POWER UNIT) is a key component of our safety cascade concept alongside the battery cells and modules mentioned above. The APU continuously monitors and measures the battery cells. This ensures a safe operation area. Upon leaving this area, the APU switches the entire system to the safe state.

Continuous measurement concept

High operational safety through continuous monitoring of the battery cells. Detects if the cells leave the safe operation area. Immediately opens the contactors and switches to a safe state.

Continuous plausibility testing

Can I rely on the measured values? Prevents random error events from going undetected.

Mechanically and colour coded high-voltage touch guard connector

Poka-yoke principle to protect against injury to the operator/installer. Offers additional protection against foreseeable misuse.

Additional active external switch accessible from the outsidee

Switch can be actuated from the outside in an emergency (e.g. by fire brigade). Additional emergency brake, which interrupts the power supply to the contactors and forces them into the safe state.


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