PV-Diesel-Hybrid optimisation

Achieve outstanding yield with cost-saving storage system

If you already have a diesel generator, for example as an emergency power supply or an off-grid energy source, a battery storage system is a useful expansion. This is because a storage system extends the generator’s interruption-free running times, and minimises inefficient starts and cold runs, thereby decreasing fuel requirements, wear and maintenance costs.

If this is combined with renewable electricity generators, when the wind drops or it gets dark, the electricity will first be drawn from the storage system. It is only once the storage system is empty that the generator kicks in. This shortens the diesel generator running time and increases the proportion of usable solar and wind-generated electricity.

Cost comparison

Although procurement costs for a diesel generator are considerably lower than for a TESVOLT battery storage system, the variable costs for the storage system are very low. The systems usually pay for themselves in just a few years.

Our products

TS-I HV 80 Lithium Storage System
The all-rounder – Battery storage system, inverter and energy management in one system
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TS 48 V Lithium Storage System
The flexible one – with easy modular expansion, the TS storage system can be optimally adjusted to suit any application.
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TS HV 70 Lithium Storage System
The powerful one – impressive for its outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness in every situation.
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TS HV 70 Outdoor Lithium Storage System
The weatherproof one – the ideal solution for outdoor use, from deserts to polar environments.
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TPS Flex Lithium Storage System
The great all-rounder – a durable and powerful system for those simply seeking even higher performance.
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