TESVOLT storage systems
The right solution for every situation

Power meets performance

An outstanding battery storage system is more than the sum of its parts. That’s why we specialise in developing innovative systems that are precisely tailored to the requirements encountered in industry and commerce, with a variety of impressive application options.

With all our products, safety, reliability and economic efficiency, not to mention a first-class installation service, take priority. We guarantee this not just by using high-quality components – such as Samsung SDI high-performance prismatic cells – but also through our unique battery control systems.

The TESVOLT Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) and the TESVOLT DynamiX Battery Optimizer (DBO) monitor and control cells’ charging and discharging processes. Combine them with the Active Power Unit (APU) and our battery monitoring solution (BatMon) to experience truly high-performance, transparent battery management.

Whether you go for the E-Series or the A-Series, the outstanding quality and performance of our storage systems are sure to impress you.

What you can expect

Maximum Safety

All the prismatic battery cells we use feature multi-layer protection, and the battery management ensures functional safety at system level.

Engineered in Germany

Patented technology from TESVOLT and high-quality prismatic cells from Samsung guarantee reliable, high-performance storage systems.

Comprehensive Service

We offer comprehensive service to installers and project developers via the TESVOLT Partner Portal – from planning support to simple installation and after-sales support.

The TESVOLT E series
Economical, safe and powerful

Reduced to the maximum, the storage systems of our E series offer the highest energy density with excellent value for money. The latest generation of lithium-ion batteries from Samsung SDI in combination with our Dynamix Battery Optimizer (DBO) provide maximum performance with minimal space requirements. There are virtually no limits to the industrial applications.

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The TESVOLT A series
Durable, high-performance and modular

With outstanding quality, long lifespan and expandability, the A series storage systems meet the highest standards for commercial or industrial usage. By using our Active Battery Optimizer, you can ensure cell-friendly balancing, a theoretical lifespan of up to 30 years with almost no loss of efficiency – which can reach 98% – with easy retrofitting of individual battery modules whenever you need more power.

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Safety comes first
TESVOLT storage systems meet the highest standards

We don’t do things by halves. We demonstrate this daily in our work: developing and producing outstanding energy storage systems. And of course, this also includes offering the highest possible level of safety, so that smooth operation is possible at all times.

More on our safety standards

Control and monitoring made easy

All energy flows can be recorded, controlled and monitored with our innovative TESVOLT energy management system – consisting of the TESVOLT Energy Manager and the myTESWORLD portal. By setting individual operational management strategies, you can combine a wide variety of applications and thus perfectly adapt the system to the needs of commerce and industry.

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