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Power is good, performance is better

An outstanding battery storage system is more than the sum of its parts

The overall system’s performance, durability and safety depend on each individual battery cell. That is why, at TESVOLT, we only use top-quality components — such as the prismatic high-efficiency cells manufactured by our partner Samsung SDI. And what’s more, we have developed a battery management system that does away with the typical problems found in lithium-ion batteries. The TESVOLT Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) monitors the charging and discharging of each and every cell. This helps us create safe, high-performance, durable battery systems with an efficiency rating of up to 98%. All of these features combined make TESVOLT storage systems some of the most advanced products available today. You don’t need to take our word for it — we’ve won a multitude of awards that show experts share our view, such as the Hugo Junkers Award, The smarter E AWARD and the German Entrepreneur Award.


Thanks to the revolutionary ABO battery management technology, the battery modules in TESVOLT storage systems can be upgraded or exchanged without problems or efficiency losses even after years of operation.

Maximum safety

The prismatic battery cells used by TESVOLT won’t ignite even if punctured by a metal spike. And in the rare event of a fault occurring, you can rely on the ABO battery management system to detect it early on.

Maximum cost efficiency

The batteries used in TESVOLT storage systems boast an efficiency rating of up to 98%, and a round-trip efficiency including battery inverter of up to 94%, while their self-consumption is a mere 5 W. Their durability and impressive cycle life make TESVOLT storage systems especially cost-efficient.

Maximum service life

The intelligent ABO battery management technology ensures that each battery cell is always optimally charged and discharged. In combination with the premium battery cells used for TESVOLT storage systems, this makes for a service life of 30 years or 8,000 cycles.

Strong partners

TESVOLT works with strong partners to deliver excellence. We source our cells through close collaboration with Samsung SDI, and our partner for external system components is SMA, the German market leader for inverters.

Uncompromisingly high performance

The ABO battery management technology and premium-quality battery cells enable fast charging and discharging. With a discharge rate of 1C, our storage systems are suitable for professional use in agriculture, commercial operations and industry

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Battery module with Active Battery Optimizer (ABO)

In addition to the cells, every battery module comprises an Active Battery Optimizer, which monitors and controls the charging and discharging of each individual cell.

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quick active balancing

total transparency

exchangeable at any time

Transparency down to the very last cell

Every TESVOLT storage system can be seamlessly monitored using the BatMon software, which visualizes not just the overall system’s health but also that of all battery modules and even of each individual cell. This means you can check up on your system at any time and make sure that it is working reliably. And in the unlikely case that any anomalies or defects do occur, they can be identified and rectified quickly. Thanks to the TESVOLT ABO, you can exchange battery modules without losing efficiency even after years of operation.

Active Power Unit – APU

The Active Power Unit contributes to battery management and allows communication with other system units while monitoring the safety of the battery system.

minimal standby losses

maximum safety

optimized for SMA systems

Battery cell

TESVOLT only uses prismatic lithium NMC cells from SAMSUNG SDI. These cells are durable, high-performance and extremely safe.


extremely safe