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Peak shaving

Cut costs with battery storage systems

Peak loads are a reality in many operations where electricity consumption spikes at certain times. These peaks drive up electricity bills, because electricity providers need to keep the output available constantly just in case, even if it is only briefly required. This makes it difficult to plan if and when the next peak will happen. To account for this uncertainty, providers raise their bills. Just one peak load can cause costs for the billing period to soar.

The background: where annual consumption exceeds 100,000 kWh, the energy supplier charges a kilowatt-hour rate and a demand rate. The kilowatt-hour rate is calculated for each kWh, while the demand rate is calculated based on the maximum average power level (in kW) within 15-minute intervals. If the average power level exceeds the maximum amount within a single interval, the consumer then has to pay a higher demand rate. Depending on the billing period, this charge can be incurred for up to one year.

This is where TESVOLT battery storage systems come in – with physical peak shaving or peak shaving with a registered load profile (RLM). In both cases, the electricity drawn by installations and machines is controlled so that peak load energy needs are met straight from the battery storage system rather than from the utility grid. This means that load peaks are shaved with physical PS and dynamically balanced with RLM PS. In both cases, this helps customers avoid higher electricity tariffs and cuts their operating costs.


  • Avoid being placed in a more expensive tariff
  • Cut operating costs
  • Make more efficient use of your storage system and write off your investment sooner by peak shaving with RLM

One solution – a multitude of sectors

  • Bakeries, when the ovens start up in the morning
  • Car dealerships, when several electric charging points are in use at once
  • Metal manufacturers that use welding equipment and other energy-intensive machines
  • Dairy farmers who use a robotic milking system, and many more

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How does physical PS work?

If a peak load occurs above a defined threshold, this is shaved by the battery storage system. The storage system provides the electricity required. As a result, the electricity drawn from the grid is kept within the defined value (the optimised line on the diagram). The storage system is then continually charged from the electricity grid or from a PV installation.

How does PS RLPM work?

With physical peak shaving (PS), every consumption peak that occurs over a defined threshold is simply covered by electricity from the battery storage system, while for registering load profile measurement (RLPM) during dynamic load shaving the system works at 15-minute intervals to ensure greater accuracy and therefore also greater efficiency: The maximum consumption peak tolerated by the supplier is circumvented because the amount of electricity consumed is registered over a period of 15 minutes to permit short peak loads. The TESVOLT Energy Manager only kicks in when the average consumption threatens to exceed the maximum tolerated peak value within the 15-minute interval.

Benefits of RLM PS

  • Greater cost efficiency
  • Intelligent storage system response means capacity lasts longer without charging
  • Fewer full cycles and reduced impact on the storage system
  • Option of choosing a storage system with lower capacity, which cuts the investment costs

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

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