Self-Sufficient Power Supply – Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Apartment Blocks, Vårgårda, Sweden

In the small Swedish town of Vårgårda, TESVOLT is supporting an ambitious pilot project — a self-sufficient municipal housing development powered entirely by hydrogen.

It will contain a total of 172 homes across six housing blocks. In the summer, surplus electricity from the on-site photovoltaic system will be used to generate hydrogen in an electrolyser. In the winter, a 5-kW fuel cell will then convert this hydrogen back into electrical energy.

But the fuel cell will only be able to cover the community’s base load, and so the local microgrid will also include a TS 48 V installed in each block. This storage system will cover higher peak loads and enable solar power to be used during summer nights.


187 kWh / 54 kW
Storage type:
TS 48 V (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Micro-Grid , Off-Grid , Peak shaving , Self-Consumption Optimisation
Building + Living , Public sector
Nilsson Energy AB