New living space thanks to micro-grid with battery storage system
Housing development, The Netherlands


Grid not powerful enough? Storage solutions instead of grid expansion

A micro-grid is a small-scale power supply grid at distribution grid level that uses battery storage systems to cover consumers’ electricity demand when the existing grid connection is inadequate. These systems need to be installed, for example, for the construction of a new housing development or the expansion of industrial areas where the existing utility grid is already at full capacity. A battery storage system with TESVOLT Energy Manager makes up the difference between the available and the required amount of electricity.

When you use a micro-grid, there’s no need to expand the regional grid connection – which requires additional costs. This also allows for construction projects where expansion isn’t an option, e.g. off-grid.

Another major advantage is that if disruptions occur in the national utility grid, the TESVOLT energy management system can – for a limited time – continue to guarantee the local power supply. This option of “off-grid operation” increases the security of supply.

How you benefit

  • Avoid the expensive process of expanding a grid connection
  • Ensure the feasibility of construction projects
  • Greater cost savings for electricity
  • Investment written off sooner

How does it work?

Every day, the TESVOLT Energy Manager ensures an optimal charging and consumption strategy. This is based on weather forecast data, and the battery capacity or charging level. In many cases, the grid connection specifies a maximum load reduction. The TESVOLT system complies with this exactly. The difference between this and the maximum storage capacity can then, for example, be used in combination with a PV installation to optimise self-consumption.

Explanatory Video Mirco-Grid

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