Fish Farm Storage System Saves Costs

Fish Farm, Selsøyvær Island, Norway

Kvarøy is a family business operating five salmon farms off the Norwegian coast. Diesel generators have so far supplied the power for the platforms anchored at sea. Since they have to be constantly in operation, each kilowatt hour of electricity is associated with considerable costs. In addition, the fuel has to be transported by boat to the salmon farm, which requires additional energy and involves costs.

With TESVOLT’s high-performance energy storage systems, Kvarøy is able to make much more efficient use of the energy provided by the generator and to reduce generator running times on the platforms from 24 to three hours. This not only decreases emissions and saves fuel, but also creates better working conditions because less diesel means less noise, less exhaust fumes and reduced vibration.


158 kWh/120 kW
Storage type:
TS HV 70 (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Micro-Grid , Off-Grid , PV-Diesel-Hybrid optimisation
Agriculture , Medium-sized businesses / SMEs
Kverneland Energi