Peak Load Shaving? A Piece of Cake!

Bakery, Germany

Pastry chef and master baker Markus Mertens has 80 employees and runs four sales outlets in addition to his bakery. He also supplies cafés, in-store bakeries, hotels and day-care centres.

As is usual in the industry, he gets up at a time when his photovoltaic system is not yet supplying electricity. To enable him to consume more of the electricity he produces himself, Mertens had the TS HV 70 lithium-ion battery storage system installed. Another of its advantages is that it can absorb peak loads. These occur, for example, when several of his cold stores have to run simultaneously. With the storage system, Mertens also benefits from significantly lower grid costs.


140 kWh / 60 kW
Storage type:
TS HV 70 (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Increase Self Consumption , Peak Load Capping
Gastronomy , Logistic and Trade , Production , Small and middlesized companies
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