Laboratoires Lehning - Plenty of Power in Small Doses

Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Factory, Saint Barbe, Lothringen, France

Laboratoires Lehning is a French pharmaceutical group that produces herbal and homeopathic medicines. The company sees itself as a partner of the nature and therefore tries to operate in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly possible way, for example with a 5,000 m² photovoltaic park.

The facility’s modern plant consumes large amounts of electricity, even during the night. Air conditioning, cooling lines, vacuum pumps and ventilation systems result in a total nightly consumption of 300-400 kWh, which of course cannot be covered by solar energy. Therefore, a powerful lithium-ion battery supports the system on site, delivering stored electricity at the required times, thus supporting the company´s ecological policy.


614 kWh/120 kW
Storage type:
TS HV 70 (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Peak shaving , Self-Consumption Optimisation
Health , Large enterprises , Logistics + Trade , Production
Hanwha Q Cells Frankreich SAS / Powersol