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Metal product manufacturer saves 70% on electricity costs thanks to solar installation and battery storage

Strong fluctuations in electricity prices can make companies nervous, especially if they have a high demand for electricity. Take Metalna IMPRO, a Slovenian producer of metal products, including pressure vessels, tanks and process pipes. 

In search of a solution, the company installed a solar power plant on the roof. But two problems quickly became apparent. First, the planned PV system could not generate enough electricity, especially in the early hours of the morning when the machines with high energy requirements get going. And second, it proved impossible to sell the surplus solar power at a profit. So it made sense to plan an intelligent battery storage solution right from the start. 

A detailed analysis of the annual consumption profile revealed that an 89.25 kWp solar power plant combined with the TESVOLT TS HV 50 E battery storage system would provide Metalna IMPRO with enough power and capacity to meet the bulk of its own energy needs and shave expensive peak loads. The high-voltage storage system from TESVOLT with a capacity of 56 kWh is optimised for long-term use in commercial and industrial applications. The high energy density of Samsung SDI’s high-end battery cells and its intelligent battery management make it particularly economical, and it also boasts above-average safety. This system has helped Metalna IMPRO reduce its electricity costs by more than 70% – and it can now offer its products at more competitive prices.


56 kWh / 50 kW
Storage type:
TS HV 30-80 E (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Self-Consumption Optimisation , Peak shaving