The new darling in the pigpen

Battery storage systems reduce costs in livestock farming

Hof Borchers specializes in pig farming with piglet rearing and sow fattening. Felix Borchers and his son Alex manage 200 sow, 800 piglet and 2000 fattening places. The family sows feed for the animals on the farm's arable land in the form of corn and grain.

In modern pig farming, everything runs automatically: feeding, water supply, ventilation. With rising monthly electricity costs in the four-digit range and falling feed-in tariffs, it was clear that a photovoltaic system would only pay off in addition with a battery storage. In addition, many of the appliances must also run at night when no electricity can be produced on the roof. With a storage system, the cheap electricity from the photovoltaic system can also be consumed at night instead of having to purchase expensive grid electricity.

The Borchers family decided on the TS HV 70 lithium battery storage system, the proven powerhouse from TESVOLT, with an output of  75 kW and an energy of 76 kWh.


76 kWh / 75 kW
Storage type:
TS HV 70 (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Self-Consumption Optimisation , Peak shaving
B&W Energy GmbH & Co.KG