More than just a consortium – Residential area with 90 apartments produces its own electricity

Residential Area, Switzerland

Anyone purchasing an apartment in the “Im Erlifeld” complex in the Swiss Canton of Aargau is buying into more than just an ultra-modern apartment; the whole site of 90 apartments is a “self-consumption consortium”. This consortium produces its own electricity using photovoltaic installations on the apartment blocks.

Thanks to a TESVOLT battery storage system, the electricity can be temporarily stored in the blocks themselves. This allows peak load shaving, for example, if the connected e-charging points or other high-demand consumer units require a great deal of power from the grid. The consortium can also feed electricity into the grid to generate income when tariffs are high and the storage system is full.


Storage type:
TS HV 70 (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Charging station control , Self-Consumption Optimisation
Building + Living , Large enterprises
Eniwa AG