Secure Power for Reliably Delivering Goods

Shipping Company, Germany

Voigt Logistik is one of the largest logistics companies in the German state of Schleswig Holstein. In the autumn of 2018, the company built a new transhipment hall complete with a 251-kWp photovoltaic system on the roof.

The work in a transhipment hall starts very early in the morning, usually before dawn, so electricity is needed to power the lights and even the air conditioning system. The electric transport and lifting vehicles used for moving pallets are constantly in motion during the day and can only be charged at night. This is where the TS HV 70 comes in, helping to distribute the self-produced electricity throughout the day and cushion the unavoidable load peaks for charging the electric vehicles at night.


403 kWh, 120 kW
Storage type:
TS HV 70 (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Charging station control , Peak shaving , Self-Consumption Optimisation
Large enterprises , Logistics + Trade
Bernd Ickert Elektroanlagen GmbH