We have already implemented more than 1,000 projects worldwide. Our electricity storage systems support people and businesses on every continent. They not only help to advance the energy transition globally but also to ensure power supply in case there is no power grid or unstable power grid. And they help to use energy more efficiently and save electricity costs. Here are some examples:

ON-Grid Dairy farmer, germany

38.4 kWh / 18 kW

When milk and electricity flow
Installer: B&W Energy GmbH & Co. KG read more... | as PDF

OFF-Grid Fish farm, Selsøyvær island, Norway

158 kWh / 120 kW

Fish farm storage system saves costs
Installer: Kverneland Energi read more... | as PDF

ON-Grid Pharmaceutical laboratory and factory, Saint Barbe, Lothringen, France

614 kWh / 120 kW

Laboratoires Lehning - Plenty of power in small doses
Installer: Hanwha Q Cells Frankreich SAS / Powersol SARL read more... | as PDF

ON-Grid University of Melbourne, Australia

134.4 kWh / 120 kW

Combination of two battery technologies in a microgrid with a highly complex load situation
Installer: redT energy read more... | as PDF

ON-Grid Luxury villa, Brussels, Belgium

14.4 kWh / 9.9 kW

Installer: Group VHC read more... | as PDF

ON-Grid College, Liverpool, England

134.4 kWh / 60 kW

Increased self-consumption
Installer: Scotia Energy read more... | as PDF

OFF-Grid Apartment blocks, Vårgårda, Sweden

187 kWh / 54 kW

Peak load shaving - increase self-consumption
Installer: Nilsson Energy AB read more... | as PDF

OFF-Grid Australia

48 kWh / 18 kW

PV + Salt Water batteries | Avocado-Farm
Partner: Unlimited Energy Australia Ltd. read more... | as PDF

On-Grid Charging Station Oldenburg, Germany

67 kWh / 60 kW

Peak shaving with electric vehicle charging stations
Partner: be.storaged GmbH

OFF-Grid Gas Station Wurm, Germany

38.4 kWh / 18 kW

Tiger in the tank, back-up in the cellar: self-sufficient emergency petrol station
Partner: Reichbrandstätter Elektrotechnik GmbH read more... | as PDF

On-Grid Voigt Logistik, Germany

403 kWh (84 modules), 120 kW

Secure power for reliable flows of goods/ Transport and logistics
Partner: Bernd Ickert Elektroanlagen GmbH
read more... | as PDF

Off-Grid Middle East

28.8 kWh / 6.5 kW

Solar-powered protective cabin for
construction workers

ON-Grid England

4 MWh / 4 MW

Municipal storage system project in the UK
Partner: Arun Construction Services

read more... | as PDF

OFF-Grid Sweden

154 kWh / 36 kW

Hydrogen filling station
Partner: VänerEnergi AB & Nilsson Energy AB

OFF-Grid Austria

80 kWh / 36 kW

CHP + PV | Alpine Cabin
Partner: StromVomDach Erl

read more... | as PDF

ON-Grid Kasachstan

0.25 MWh / 0.25 MW

Expo 2017, Future Energy


OFF-Grid Mali

3 MWh / 1.6 MW

Energy for 250.000 person | PV
Partner: Africa GreenTec

ON-Grid Germany

48 kWh / 18 kW

Electric fork-lift trucks in a shipping company
Partner: Solar-E-Technik Hamm GmbH

ON-Grid Germany

67 kWh / 60 kW

Peak Load Shaving,
Increase Self Consumption | Dairy Farm

OFF-Grid Africa

2.68 MWh / 4 MW

Power supply for water pumps | Water for 2.000 Farmers
Partner: IdeemaSun energy GmbH

ON-Grid Germany

240 kWh / 72 kW

Extension of grid connection power,
Increase Self Consumption | Emergency power back up

as PDF

ON-Grid United Kingdom

134 kWh / 60 kW

College saves money with CHP and battery
storage systems

On-Grid Germany

67 kWh / 60 kW

TESVOLT Storage System Caps Power Peaks at Oktoberfest

OFF-Grid Christmas Island, Australia

14.4 kWh / 11.7 kW

Christmas Island, Australien: 75 % Kosteneinsparung durch Solarspeicher statt Diesel read more...