65 MWh battery storage park: TESVOLT reports largest order in company history

Lutherstadt Wittenberg, 2 July 2024 – TESVOLT, a market and innovation leader for commercial and industrial energy storage solutions in Germany and Europe, is reporting the largest order in its company history to date. The 65 MWh-capacity battery storage park where TESVOLT’s battery products will be deployed is to be located near the city of Worms in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate. The park will be operated jointly by the local energy supplier EWR AG, the PV and storage project developer W POWER, and the construction project developer TIMBRA. TESVOLT is supporting the project development, supplying and installing the large-scale storage system, and will take over service and maintenance for the storage power plant.

"The storage park in Worms marks a milestone on our journey, it is the largest order in our company's history," says Daniel Hannemann, CEO and co-founder of TESVOLT. "We are also proud that this power plant will significantly increase the amount of renewable energy in the grid, because PV and wind farms will have to be curtailed less." TESVOLT is currently commissioning further storage power plants with a capacity of more than 40 MWh in Germany and Sweden.

Trading in electricity reserves is booming

Andreas Wirth, Managing Director of W POWER GmbH, explains: "With this project, we are making an important contribution to the flexibility and synchronisation of the electricity grid through the expansion of renewable energies. It is crucial for grid stability to harmonise electricity supply and demand — and this is rarely possible without large electricity storage systems. It is currently particularly interesting to trade in electricity reserves. The more efficient and durable the battery storage systems are, the more profitable the operation of a storage power plant will ultimately be. It was important for us to work with a partner who is on site and can react quickly as a storage expert in any situation."

Greater profitability through exceptional technology

To achieve good profitability over the entire lifespan, TESVOLT relies on high-quality battery cells from Samsung SDI. The lithium NCA cells installed in the large-scale storage systems have a higher energy density and an above-average efficiency compared to the usual LFP cells. 

"NCA cells can utilise up to 100 per cent of the installed energy, which is often not the case with other cell technologies," explains Philipp Schreiber, Technical Project Manager at TESVOLT. The lifespan after full cycles is also higher, which pays off: "In energy trading, NCA technology allows a higher depth of discharge to be used and the storage system can generate revenue over a longer period of time due to the increased lifespan. In addition, we know how battery storage systems are affected by trading services and we support our customers in designing and configuring them. The technical marketability of our storage systems is also guaranteed by our close cooperation with the major marketers.”

Unique fire protection system 

To ensure that an investment in a large-scale storage project is as profitable as possible, it is not only the quality of the storage solution that matters. The safety concept of the cells and the fire protection of the system should also be given particular attention during the planning phase. In the TESVOLT large-scale storage system, an active fire protection system detects overheating at the cell level and automatically stops it by injecting fire extinguishing agent. The fire protection system is certified according to the U.S. standards UL 1973 and UL 9540A as well as the European standard IEC-62933-5-1/2, the only system available in Europe with both certifications. 

The energy supplier EWR AG, the PV and storage project developer W POWER, and the project developer TIMBRA have founded the operating company Batteriespeicher-Park Worms GmbH (BPW) as part of the joint project.


TESVOLT AG is one of the innovation and market leaders for commercial and industrial energy storage system solutions in Germany and Europe. TESVOLT products enable companies to end their energy dependency and play a part in the energy transition. The agile company produces intelligent lithium storage systems with power ratings from 10 kilowatt hours through to multiple megawatt hours – with top quality and TÜV-certified safety. TESVOLT manufactures its commercial storage system solutions in series production at its own carbon-neutral gigafactory in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and delivers them worldwide. The company has already received several awards, including the German Entrepreneur Award in the “Rising Stars” category, “Innovator of the Year” from TOP 100 and the smarter E Award in the “Outstanding Projects” category.

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