Peak shaving with electric vehicle charging stations

Green mobility is gaining momentum. However, fast-charging electric vehicles cause high power load peaks which require expensive grid connections. Powerful battery storage systems can help cut costs when it comes to these power load peaks since the electricity needed can be drawn from the discharging battery instead of the grid, saving the charging station operator considerable amounts of money.

TESVOLT’s TS HV 70 offers an energy content of 67 kWh with 60 kW of output power and it only takes up 2 sqm of floor space, making the compact system the ideal complement to both public charging stations and those located farther away from grid infrastructures.


Storage System TS HV 70 Outdoor
Capacity/Power 67 kWh / 60 kW
System On-Grid
Inverter Manager SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60
Industry Energy supply
Application Peak shaving with electric vehicle charging stations
Special Features Public installation
Country/Region Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
Partner be.storaged GmbH