Christmas Island, Australia: 75% cost savings by depending on solar storage instead of diesel

On picturesque Christmas Island in northwestern Australia, former mining sites are being used for agriculture as part of a research project.

Thanks to TESVOLT battery storage and solar system, a seed cleaning shed which runs without connection to the power grid, saves around 75 percent of its previous operating costs when the necessary power for the off-grid location was supplied by a diesel generator.

Comparison: While the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of a diesel generator, including the shipping costs, stood between 66-86 $ cent/kWh, the LCOE of solar+storage were only 16 $cent/kWh. Within just two years, the acquisition costs will be covered.

The off-grid system was commissioned in September 2018 to run the cool room for 24 hours and provide surplus energy for power tools, seed processing machines, and lighting.

Low maintenance and silent:

The 11.7 kW solar system and the battery storage with a capacity of 14.4 kWh are not only environmentally friendly but also significantly less maintenance than a diesel generator, and pleasantly quiet.

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Storage System TS 48 V
Capacity/Power 14.4 kWh / 11.7 kW
System Off-Grid
Inverter Manager 2 SMA Sunny Boy Inverter (5 kW), 8 SMA Sunny Island Battery inverter (6 kW)
Business Type Agriculture
Application Power supply to off-grid location
Country/Region Christmas Island, Australia
Partner TESVOLT Australia