Tesvolt storage system caps power peaks at Oktoberfest

Munich/Wittenberg, 2 October 2018 — At Oktoberfest in Munich, a Tesvolt high-voltage storage system is helping to keep down electricity costs in the largest tent, the Festzelt Tradition. Peaks in consumption previously led to high costs for the tent’s owners, but are now covered by a lithium battery storage system with an output of 70 kilowatt hours (kWh).

Supplying electricity for 8,000 visitors

“Our tent has space for around 5,000 people, with another 2,700 in the beer garden, so at peak times our kitchen is serving almost 8,000 guests. That obviously leads to high electricity demand — last year, the total figure was around 200,000 kWh,” says Toni Winklhofer, one of the two proprietors of the Festzelt Tradition. Around 70 percent of this demand comes from the kitchen, while the remaining energy is mostly used for lighting and heating.

Tent owners save several thousand euros on power costs

“And guests’ expectations are constantly growing, so outdoor heaters, for example, have become a must. These use a lot of power and cause peak loads which drive up the electricity costs that we pay as a business. Last year, we had peaks of over 300 kilowatts. The storage system should be a help to us here,” continues Winklhofer. These peaks in demand were previously covered by power from the grid. This year, the TS HV 70 Outdoor storage system from Tesvolt is supplying the additional power needed.

“The electricity reserves that the power company keeps for peaks in consumption cost business owners a lot of money. The demand charges can sometimes exceed 160 euros per kW. The tent’s proprietors will be able to save several thousand euros thanks to this storage system,” says Matthias Poeting of the Munich-based company MP Elektrotechnik, who selected and installed the lithium storage system. He chose Tesvolt not least for their system’s high charging and discharging speed. “As well as this, the battery cells have such a high power density that the system needs very little space, and its capacity can be expanded at any time, even years down the line.”

Energy demand at major events on the rise

“Energy consumption at major events such as Oktoberfest is rising as guests are offered an ever-increasing range of services and facilities. To ensure an affordable power supply, storage systems are a natural choice. Owners could save five-figure sums depending on the demand charge,” explains Daniel Hannemann, co-founder of Tesvolt.

The Wittenberg-based company, which specializes in manufacturing lithium storage systems for trade and industry, uses very robust, extremely safe prismatic lithium ion cells from Samsung SDI for its battery storage systems. By combining these with its proprietary Active Battery Optimizer, which individually balances the state of charge of each and every cell, Tesvolt is able to prevent faults and damage to the system. The resulting longer service life in turn has a positive impact on the cost efficiency of the Tesvolt storage system.


TESVOLT specializes in commercial and industrial battery storage systems. The innovative company from Wittenberg produces lithium storage systems with prismatic battery cells from Samsung SDI, based on nickel manganese cobalt oxide. TESVOLT storage systems are always a good match, for high or low voltage, on- or off-grid. They can be used with any regenerative energy source or with combined heat and power units or fuel cells.
TESVOLT produces its commercial storage system solutions in series in Wittenberg, Germany, at Europe’s first gigafactory for battery storage systems, and delivers them all over the world. The company has already completed over 2,200 storage projects worldwide.

TESVOLT has won accolades including the German Entrepreneur Award for Rising Stars. The company also received The smarter E Award in the Outstanding Projects category as well as the international Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) Award for a project supplying off-grid energy to an avocado farm in southwest Australia.

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