Current Storage Fundings

Fundings in Austria

Name of programme:

REEA investment subsidy photovoltaic installation and storage system

Type of funding:

One-time investment subsidy

Aim/purpose of funding:

Funding for the construction or expansion of PV installations and new energy storage systems installed at the same time.

Who does it fund:

Any natural person.

Funding conditions, amount of funding:

  • Budget EUR 300 million
  • Each kWp for PV installations, and each kWh for energy storage systems, will be supported by a defined funding rate ((EUR/kWp or EUR/kWh).
  • A funding application is only possible if the construction of the installation has not yet started.
  • Applications occur by drawing a ticket in various calls for funding (see guide or explanatory video)
  • Four installation dates
  • PV installations up to 1 MWp will be funded
  • The electability for funding for a storage system is linked to the application for the photovoltaic installation
  • Innovative PV installations get a bonus
  • Funding can be combined according to federal, state and municipal regulations.

Duration of programme:

The current calls for funding refer to 2022. Further funding calls for photovoltaic installation and energy storage systems are being prepared for 2023.

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