Name of programme:
Förderprogramm Stromspeicher Berlin (Berlin storage system funding programme)

Aim/purpose of funding:
Funds the installation of a storage system. The storage system must be combined with a new PV installation.

What battery storage systems are funded?
The new PV installation’s nominal power in relation to usable storage capacity must be at least 1.2 kWp for every 1 kWh. You can move beyond this minimum installation ratio in favour of a larger, funding-eligible storage system, as long as you can demonstrate that the electricity is being used for electromobility.

Who does it fund?

  • Private households
  • Companies
  • Associations, charitable foundations

Funding conditions, amount of funding:

  • The funding is EUR 300 per kWh of the storage system’s usable capacity. A maximum of EUR 15,000 can be granted per storage system.
  • If the storage system or energy management system has a forecast-based operating strategy, a bonus of EUR 300 will be paid.
  • To be awarded the funding, you must wait until your registration has been confirmed before beginning the measures that you are applying for funding for.

Duration of programme, budget:
The programme runs from October 2019.

Special features/other/observations:
Applicants can register for the funding from October 2019. You can download the relevant form here:, using the keyword: EnergiespeicherPlus (Energy storage Plus).

Contact or for further information:
Funding name: “EnergiespeicherPlus” (Energy storage Plus)