Hydrogen filling station in Sweden

The filling station in the Swedish town of Mariestad supplies fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen. The gas is produced locally in an electrolysis plant which requires a constant flow of energy around the clock. The electricity needed to power the plant is generated by a 150 kW photovoltaic installation. To balance out any fluctuations, a Tesvolt storage system stores all excess energy for later use.

To make up for the lower production during the less sunny winter months, the plant produces a surplus of hydrogen in the summer. This ensures a constant, self-sufficient supply all year round. The filling station is part of the Europe-wide network of the Hydrogen Mobility Europe initiative.


Storage System TS 48 V
Capacity/Power 154 kWh / 36 kW
System Off-Grid
Inverter Manager Sunny Island Multicluster
Business Type Filling station
Application Self-sufficient power supply
Special Features 150 kW PV system
Country/Region Sweden
Partner VänerEnergi AB & Nilsson Energy AB