A Future-Proof Luxury Villa - Self-Sufficient Thanks to Energy Storage

Luxury villa, Brussels, Belgium

Power outages are common in Belgium. A sudden blackout is more than just an inconvenience — it can cause lasting damage to private infrastructure. One family living outside Brussels didn’t want to put up with this any longer and decided to break free of the public grid. They wanted to generate their own electricity using a photovoltaic installation, partly to ensure they could keep their sensitive IT infrastructure up and running even during a power outage.

TESVOLT joined forces with the electronics and solar specialists at Group VHC to help the family make this vision a reality. In the event of a blackout, the TS 48 V and inverter installed in the family’s home will automatically maintain the power supply for the whole building, including for major loads such as lifts and air conditioning systems.


14,4 kWh / 9,9 kW
Storage type:
TS 48 V (made in Germany by Tesvolt)
Emergency Power , Increase Self Consumption
Facility , Private
Group VHC