The TESVOLT A series
Our storage systems meet the highest standards

Durable, high-performance and modular

Our tried-and-tested, multi-award-winning storage systems of the A-Series have an impressively long lifespan and flexible expandability. The combination of prismatic high-performance cells from Samsung SDI and the unique Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) battery management system offers maximum storage capacity without loss of efficiency even after years of service. The particularly conservative and loss-free cell balancing ensures an efficiency rating of 98% and a lifespan of 30 years or 8,000 full cycles. And as storage requirements increase, individual modules can be easily retrofitted with no loss of efficiency.
Discover long-lasting performance that is flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

All the benefits at a glance

TESVOLT A-Series Cabinet Systems

TS 48 V
The flexible one

The TS 48 V is as flexible as the requirements in commercial and industrial settings. It can be optimally adapted to every application both on-grid and off-grid, and with its lifespan of up to 30 years or 8,000 full cycles, it provides investment security and economical returns. The modular structure makes it easy to replace individual battery modules and the capacity can be expanded even after years of service.

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TS-I HV 80
The allstar

The TS-I HV 80 with integrated TESVOLT inverter and innovative energy management system impresses users with a wealth of possible applications. Whether you’re interested in multi-use, back-up power, self-consumption optimisation, peak shaving, consumer and generator control, off-grid or on-grid usage – the TS-I HV 80 offers maximum flexibility, a long lifespan and modular expansion options across all areas of application. Thanks to its power quality technology, it can even sustainably improve the local utility grid quality.

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