TESVOLT and SMA Solar Technology AG are teaming up in the commercial and industrial battery storage sector

Wittenberg, Germany, 29 May 2017 – Storage system manufacturer TESVOLT is set to unveil its new TS HV 70 high-voltage lithium storage system at Intersolar 2017. The new system features a battery voltage of between 575 and 1,000 volts and has been optimised for use with 3-phase SMA battery inverters. A service life of up to 30 years and the use of especially efficient power electronics and cell technology make the storage system particularly cost effective.

New TS HV 70 storage system will be unveiled at Intersolar

The battery storage system with an operating voltage of up to 1,000 volts has been optimised for use with the latest generation of 3-phase SMA battery inverters

“The TS HV 70 is our solution for particularly demanding applications in the commercial sector that require at least 30 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of storage capacity,” Simon Schandert, Director of Engineering at TESVOLT explains. “This model is specifically geared toward economic viability and boasts outstanding performance, maximum safety and unparalleled efficiency. With the system, storage costs of less than 10 euro cents per kWh can be achieved. This opens up a new, cost-effective option for our customers, because the investment costs for the system and the price per stored kWh are so low.”

A cost-effective system for commercial and industrial applications
Although TESVOLT battery storage systems are optimised for use in commercial and industrial applications, their output can be flexibly configured and expanded over the long term, which makes them well suited for many other applications. A high-voltage system with a charge rate of 1 C, the TS HV not only enables peak load capping and increased self-consumption, it also offers various grid system services as well as off-grid operation using a diesel generator.

These advantages are largely thanks to operation with 3-phase SMA Sunny Tripower Storage battery inverters. The inverters are provided with the 60 kW TS HV system and can each be connected to up to 268 kWh, paving the way for storage solutions in the megawatt range. “Combining TESVOLT storage systems and the Sunny Tripower Storage inverters results in a streamlined and highly efficient solution for high-voltage applications. Together we are optimising power supply for industrial and commercial enterprises,” explains Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President of the Off-Grid and Storage business unit at SMA.

Optimised battery management ensures long service life
“TESVOLT uses prismatic cells from Samsung SDI, which are extremely durable and safe. By combining these with our Active Battery Optimizer, which individually balances the state of charge of each and every cell, we are able to prevent faults and damage to the system. This leads to a longer service life, which in turn has a positive impact on cost efficiency of the investment in a TESVOLT storage system.

From 31 May to 2 June 2017, TESVOLT and SMA will be showcasing their new high-voltage storage system as part of the Intersolar Europe exhibition.

TESVOLT booth: booth 450 in hall B1

SMA booth: Booth 210 in hall B3

About Tesvolt
Tesvolt specializes in commercial and industrial battery storage systems. The innovative company from Wittenberg produces lithium storage systems with prismatic battery cells from Samsung SDI, based on nickel manganese cobalt oxide. Tesvolt storage systems are always a good match, for high or low voltage, on- or off-grid. They can be used with any regenerative energy source or with combined heat and power units or fuel cells.
Tesvolt produces its commercial storage system solutions in series in Wittenberg, Germany, at Europe’s first gigafactory for battery storage systems, and delivers them all over the world. The company has already completed over 1,200 storage projects worldwide.

Tesvolt has won accolades including the German Entrepreneur Award for Rising Stars. The company also received The smarter E Award in the Outstanding Projects category as well as the international Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) Award for a project supplying off-grid energy to an avocado farm in southwest Australia.

The new TESVOLT lithium power storage system TS HV 70 (image source: Tesvolt)
Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President of the Off-Grid and Storage business unit at SMA (image source: SMA)
Daniel Hannemann (li.), kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer, und Simon Schandert, technischer Geschäftsführer von TESVOLT (Photo credit: TESVOLT)
Logo TESVOLT (Photo credit: TESVOLT)

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