Tesvolt Unveils New Outdoor Battery System

World premiere at Energy Storage Europe in Düsseldorf

Wittenberg/Düsseldorf, 13 March 2018 – The battery storage system manufacturer TESVOLT is introducing its new Outdoor system at Energy Storage Europe in Düsseldorf. The battery storage system features a particularly stable double-walled aluminium shell and offers a compact and economical solution relative to battery containers. This makes the TS HV 70 Outdoor particularly well suited for supplying power to electric vehicle charging stations outdoors and at sites where space is limited.

High performance with a minimal footprint

“Our new outdoor cabinet makes it possible to achieve the familiar TESVOLT performance while benefiting from a minimal footprint – and in addition, it is very well protected against external impacts,” says Dr. Victor Schäfer, Vice President of Research & Development at TESVOLT. With a footprint of roughly 1 by 2 meters, the TS HV 70 Outdoor fits even in small spaces. In parking lots and urban areas in particular, this economy of space is an important consideration when investing in a storage system.

Climate-proof battery cabinet

The battery system is well protected even in harsh climatic conditions like salty air or extreme temperatures. The cabinet’s temperature control – cooling and heating – is fully automated. TESVOLT’s experts will individually configure the system for the customer according to their location.

The battery cabinet offers the highest impact protection level IK 10, absorbing impacts and blows to the casing and reliably protecting the battery cells inside. This enables installation at motorway service areas, for example, where dents and other damage can easily occur.

Peak load shifting during charging processes

Peak loads can be avoided with the TS HV 70 Outdoor thanks to high charging and discharging speeds. They occur when there is a short-term demand for a large amount of electric power from the grid – for example when supermarket customers charge their electric vehicles in the cark park while they shop or depending on the connected load. Without battery storage systems these peak loads can become expensive, because the utility companies charge the consumer more money for the energy provided. Energy suppliers can also access the TS HV 70 Outdoor via a suitable interface and make the power available for network services when not in use.

TESVOLT uses very robust, extremely safe prismatic lithium ion cells from Samsung SDI for its battery storage systems. By combining these with its proprietary Active Battery Optimizer, which individually balances the state of charge of each and every cell, TESVOLT is able to prevent faults and damage to the system. The resulting longer service life in turn has a positive impact on the cost efficiency of the investment in a TESVOLT storage system.

E-mobility: a future market

With the TS HV 70 Outdoor, the Wittenberg-based company is aiming to get a head start on preparations for the future electric mobility market. “We are making sure we’re ready for the mobility of the future,” says Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director at TESVOLT. “With the TS HV 70 Outdoor, we are also ideally prepared for supplying electricity to charging stations.”

TESVOLT is presenting its new battery storage system at Energy Storage Europe in Düsseldorf, 13–15 March 2018, in Hall 8b, Booth E01.


TESVOLT AG specialises in battery storage systems for the commercial and industrial sectors. The innovative company produces intelligent lithium storage systems with power ratings from 30 kilowatt hours through to multiple megawatt hours. TESVOLT uses high-performance battery cells from Samsung SDI. TESVOLT manufactures its commercial storage system solutions in series in its own Gigafactory for commercial battery storage at the Wittenberg site and delivers them worldwide. Since 2014, TESVOLT has implemented more than 4,000 storage system projects worldwide and employs more than 180 people. The company has already received several awards, including the German Entrepreneur Award in the “Rising Stars” category, “Innovator of the Year” from “TOP 100” and the smarter E Award in the “Outstanding Projects” category.

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