Tesvolt Is the New Commercial Storage System Supplier for Segensolar

Wittenberg/Germany, May 17, 2016 — The German wholesaler SegenSolar has joined forces with the manufacturer Tesvolt for commercial storage systems of 30 kWh and above. SegenSolar, an affiliate of the UK’s largest photovoltaic wholesaler, Segen Ltd, is now supplying Tesvolt’s lithium energy storage systems via its online portal and from several distribution branches around the world. SegenSolar additionally offers support to installers during the planning stages.

High charging speeds for commercial applications
“Very few storage devices are capable of providing large quantities of energy quickly at capacities of 30 kWh or over, whilst still guaranteeing a high number of charge cycles. But Tesvolt storage systems can. The ability to control each cell individually ensures a long service life, even if there are often high charging currents”, explains Jürgen Kreysern, Technical Sales Manager at SegenSolar. “At the moment, charging speed is one of the deciding factor for many of our commercial clients when purchasing a storage system. In countries with unstable power grids, commercial storage systems are needed to absorb high peak loads.”

Prismatic battery cells
Tesvolt has developed storage systems which use prismatic battery cells. The cells’ special design and chemical composition makes for the high charging speeds achieved by Tesvolt storage systems. The intelligent control system ensures that each individual cell is charged and discharged at the optimal rate for a particularly long service life. Tesvolt storage systems reach up to 8,000 full charge cycles at 70% depth of discharge (DoD) and come with a performance warranty of 10 years.

Suitable for all applications
Tesvolt offers storage systems in six different size categories with capacities ranging from 10 to 120 kWh. They can be combined flexibly depending on the desired storage size – for example, to form a large-scale storage system with a capacity of 1 MWh, which Tesvolt supplies as a ready-to-use container. The client can decide how quickly the storage system should charge. For high charging speeds, the storage system is combined with several Sunny Island charge controllers from SMA. The greater the number of stand-alone inverters and the higher their output, the greater the amount of energy stored and the faster the system can supply it. Regardless of whether the storage system is connected to the power grid, this highly flexible system concept makes Tesvolt storage systems ideally suited to any application.

Worldwide distribution
“The German company SegenSolar has strong backing from its parent company, Segen Ltd, and the various Segen branches around the world make it possible to deliver within a very short time frame. SegenSolar is a fantastic distribution partner for our storage systems, which are enjoying rising demand – also internationally,” says Ronny Schrottke, Senior Key Account Manager Europe at Tesvolt.

Tesvolt will be introducing its storage systems at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 22–24, 2016.

Intersolar exhibition booth: Booth 550 in hall B1


Tesvolt specialises in battery storage systems for commerce and industry. The innovative company produces intelligent lithium storage systems with power ratings from 30 kilowatt hours through to many megawatt hours. Tesvolt uses high-performance battery cells from Samsung SDI. Tesvolt manufactures its commercial storage system solutions in series production at Europe’s first gigafactory for commercial battery storage systems at its Wittenberg site in Germany and delivers them worldwide. Tesvolt has already implemented more than 3,000 storage system projects worldwide and employs almost 150 people. The company has already received several awards, including the German Entrepreneur Award in the “Rising Stars” category, the “TOP 100” Innovation Award and the smarter E Award in the “Outstanding Projects” category.

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