TESVOLT energy storage systems pass highest safety test

Wittenberg, 13 October 2022 – Certification body TÜV Rheinland has classified TESVOLT battery storage systems as safe. The storage systems passed the prestigious institute’s rigorous safety tests, making TESVOLT one of the few manufacturers on the market that can verify the safety of its energy storage systems for commerce and industry with certification from the independent testing institute. The certificate confirms both the electrical and functional safety of its products.

Safety testing starts with the product concept

“TESVOLT takes the issue of safety very seriously – something that distinguishes it from its competitors. The Wittenberg company not only submits its finished storage systems to us for testing, it also involves us during the product development phase, to make its energy storage systems as safe as possible,” reports Roman Brück, Head of the Components, Power Electronics and Certification Department at TÜV Rheinland. “Unfortunately, product safety testing is not yet a matter of course within the storage system industry.”

Maximum safety and ongoing huge demand

“Demand for energy storage systems and renewable energy installations is greater than ever, now that Europe is aiming to achieve independence from Russian gas. At the same time there is short supply of electronic chips and other components. Consequently, demand for storage systems is outstripping supply,” explains Daniel Hannemann, CEO and Co-Founder of TESVOLT. “Despite this difficult situation, we’re investing in the safety of our storage systems, because quality and investment security are key to long-term energy transition. Which is why we opted for voluntary testing by a recognised and rigorous expert body.”

Multi-stage safety concept

TESVOLT pursues a multi-stage safety concept. Production at its Wittenberg site includes partially automated complete cyclic conditioning; every battery module is fully charged and discharged and tested for irregularities in temperature, voltage or internal resistance. Finally, fully automated end-of-line inspections ensure maximum safety, with every battery cell tested and less efficient battery modules automatically removed.

In addition, all TESVOLT energy storage systems are designed with multiple in-built safety features. The battery cells are subject to six safety mechanisms. For example, a safety fuse will interrupt the electrical current if the unit experiences a short circuit or overcurrent. In the event of excess pressure, a safety valve on the cell opens to compensate. Sturdy aluminium housing protects every cell from mechanical damage.

“The heart of our safety concept is our certified, award-winning battery management system (BMS) which constantly monitors every battery cell. If a cell exceeds its safe operational range, the BMS activates the ‘safe state’, which interrupts the power supply,” says Simon Schandert, CTO and Co-Founder of TESVOLT.

TESVOLT’s A and E series battery storage systems are tested in accordance with IEC standards 62619, 62620, 61000, 61010, 61508 and UN38.3. In addition, TESVOLT is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the successful implementation of quality management throughout the company.

You can find more information about TESVOLT’s safety concept here.


TESVOLT AG is one of the innovation and market leaders for commercial and industrial energy storage system solutions in Germany and Europe. TESVOLT products enable companies to end their energy dependency and play a part in the energy transition. The agile company produces intelligent lithium storage systems with power ratings from 10 kilowatt hours through to multiple megawatt hours – with top quality and TÜV-certified safety. TESVOLT manufactures its commercial storage system solutions in series production at its own carbon-neutral gigafactory in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and delivers them worldwide. The company has already received several awards, including the German Entrepreneur Award in the “Rising Stars” category, “Innovator of the Year” from TOP 100 and the smarter E Award in the “Outstanding Projects” category.

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