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Race for energy storage- or why a torch tells us the problem

From "Capital“, 19.11.2022

The business magazine "Capital" provides an overview of the flourishing alternative energy sector and interviews the founders Simon Schandert and Daniel Hannemann about the potential of energy storage systems as well as TESVOLT's successful business concept.

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"200 billion is the cost of the road to freedom".

From "Euro am Sonntag“ (Euro on Sunday), Issue 45/2022

In the 45th issue of the financial and business magazine "Euro am Sonntag" (Euro on Sunday), founder and CEO Daniel Hannemann explains Germany's potential route to independence - with sustainable energy storage solutions, moving away from energy imports and towards the energy transition.

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From "be top", issue 02/2022

The Friedhelm Loh Group's magazine "be top" reports on the Lutter logistics company, which is almost completely self-sufficient in terms of energy thanks to a solar energy system and TESVOLT electricity storage with enclosure technology from Rittal.

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Battery storage for industrial use comes out successfully from eastern Germany

From "VDI Nachrichten", 06.10.2022

As energy prices rise, so does interest in battery storage solutions. To report on this trend, VDI Nachrichten visited the "Gigafactory"!

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We are staying! Young. Eastern German. Self-confident.

From "ZDF", 03.10.2022

On the occasion of the Day of German Unity, ZDF is portraying young people and entrepreneurs who have consciously chosen the Eastern part of Germany as their home. Among them founder Simon Schandert, which is presented as an example of successful entrepreneurship from minute 25:40 onwards.

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Exciting programme for journalists in Wittenberg: ENERGY-DAY at TESVOLT AG

From "Wirtschaftspost", 6th edition/2022

In its 6th edition, page 20 f., the "Wirtschaftspost" gives an overview of the events and contents of the ENERGY-DAY on 30th September at TESVOLT AG. Topics such as the company's market position and approaches to solutions are particularly important in times of energy crisis.

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A Start-up With Its Own Gigafactory


"They have a vision, full order books and an expansion plan that packs a punch." In this article, the FAZ is not only amazed by TESVOLT's construction of the Gigafactory at the gates of Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

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Inverter Can Be Connected to the Grid

From "Erneuerbare Energien“ (Renewable Energies), 29.07.2022

In its latest issue, the trade journal "Erneuerbare Energien" published an article on grid-forming inverters, battery storage and PV systems. Our expert Christian Löffler has commented on this in detail.

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Saxony Builds First Combined Large-Scale Storage Facility for Solar Energy

From "MDR“, 08.07.2022

For the first time, a container storage system from TESVOLT's new E-series is being used in the hybrid solar park in Großschirma: the TPS-E. The 3.84 MWh power storage unit draws its energy from a five-hectare photovoltaic system. Fully charged and on its own, the TPS-E can supply 7,000 - 8,000 households in Großschirma with electricity for several hours.

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First Hybrid Solar Park in Central Germany

From "Freie Presse“, 07.07.2022

On July 7, Saxony's first hybrid solar park was inaugurated in Großschirma. The project combines a large photovoltaic system with a powerful TESVOLT power storage system and is the first of its kind in Central Germany. Theoretically, it can supply around 1300 homes with electricity for a year.

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Here you can also find a short video interview with Green Energy project lead Lukas Mogg.

Image: Eckardt Mildner

TESVOLT Wins Leading Innovation Prize for Smes Again

From “photovoltaik”, 30.06.2022

The trade magazine reports on TESVOLT's first place in the TOP 100 innovation competition, after we had already achieved first place in 2020. The top-class jury was convinced by the outstanding climate of innovation and the technology of the TESVOLT storage units.

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New Battery Modules With More Energy Density in Commercial Storage Systems From TESVOLT

From “pv magazine”, 17.06.2022

The trade magazine reports on TESVOLT's new product series with higher energy density. The new E-series battery storage units have been available on the market since May and require 80 percent less semiconductors than the previous A-series.

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Daniel Hannemann Talks About the Energy Storage of the Future

From "So denken Gewinner" (How Winners Think), Podcast Episode #192 (Part 1 and 2)

In the podcast "This is how winners think", Daniel Hannemann, co-founder and CEO of TESVOLT, provides insights into TESVOLT's business model and growth ambitions. He explains how important energy storage solutions are for the energy transition and what motivated him to found Tesvolt in 2014.

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TESVOLT Interview in "Personalwirtschaft" (Human Resources)

From "Personalwirtschaft" (Human Resources), 04.04.2022

In an interview with Personalwirtschaft, Tjorven Niels Graßnick, Agility Expert and Coach at TESVOLT, explains how agile forms of working can create a healthy culture of error in the company and what other advantages agile working has.

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Chefs Without Authority

From "F.A.Z"., 05.03.2022, Beruf und Chance

Daniel Hannemann, CEO of TESVOLT, and Tjorven Niels Graßnick, Agility & Organization Expert at TESVOLT, talk about the agile structures at TESVOLT in the F.A.Z. article "Chefs without authority". In the process, they provide insights into how working without a hierarchy works and what advantages the agile model has for the company's ability to innovate. By Nadine Bös

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Simon Schandert as a Guest on “Green Life - The Climate Protection Podcast”

From "GREEN LIFE", podcast episode of 27.03.2022

Wind power and solar energy are the drivers of the energy transition, but neither is yet capable of meeting our entire energy needs and replacing fossil energy sources. Energy storage is part of the solution to compensate for fluctuations in electricity prices and to use renewable energies more efficiently, while at the same time advancing climate protection.

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What Heroes Do -Daniel Hannemann Founder and CEO of TESVOLT

From "WASHELDENTUN", podcast episode 183, 23.03.2022

TESVOLT offers solutions for commercial energy storage applications worldwide. Daniel has already realised over 2,200 storage projects with TESVOLT. The goal: to develop and manufacture battery systems that store electricity from renewable energy sources as efficiently as possible. In other words, to bring affordable and clean energy to every corner of the world. In Dominik Hoffmann's "WasHeldenTun" podcast, Daniel provides exciting insights into the work of TESVOLT.

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Jacob Beautemps Visits TESVOLT

From "Breaking Lab", video dated 23.11.2021

Last year, successful YouTuber Jakob Beautemps visited TESVOLT's Gigafactory, where he had the opportunity to assemble his own battery and was also able to get an insight into how the battery production of the future could probably look like. Electricity storage units with a capacity of up to one megawatt hour are produced here every day on 12,000 m2.

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YouTuber Tobias Bücklein Visits TESVOLT

From "ThisDad", video dated 18.07.2021

Green battery storage for commercial and industrial sectors and large-scale consumers

In the summer of 2021, YouTuber Tobias Bücklein had the opportunity to get to know the huge GIGAFACTORY in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, where battery storage for larger commercial solutions are produced with renewable energy. In addition to exchanging ideas about electric vehicle batteries and a thorough tour in the factory, environmental questions about the "production of battery storage" were clarified at the end.

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The Pioneer Will Stay Agile

From "Plusvisionen", by Wolfgang Raum

As a leader in commercial energy storage, Tesvolt is not only on the power pedal in operational aspects, but is also expanding structures and financial strength. At the end of 2021, the company closed a capital round of 40 million euros. Tesvolt has also been able to position itself in the megamarkets of inductive charging and hydrogen in recent months. One of the remarkable features of the Wittenberg-based company is its agile, non-hierarchical corporate culture.

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Co-Founder and Managing Director Daniel Hannemann

From "GREEN MICRO", podcast episode 4

Within just four years, Daniel Hannemann and his co-founder Simon Schandert have successfully positioned TESVOLT as a world-renowned provider of battery storage systems, thus making an important contribution to the energy transition. In 2018, they received the highest federal award for founders - the German Founder's Prize. Our host Marcus Noack interviewed Daniel Hannemann on the exciting founding and development of TESVOLT, the situation of the energy transition in Germany, and whether hydrogen will be the only fuel we use in the future.

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Decentralized Energy Transition and Electricity Storage as the Key to Global Climate Protection?

From "Update Climate & Energy", podcast episode 19, 20.01.2022

Climate protection can only succeed if the energy supply worldwide is converted to renewable energies as quickly as possible. One question frequently discussed at the moment is whether the future energy supply will also require centralized structures, or whether the system will be more decentralized in the future. Entrepreneur and energy expert Simon Schandert shared some interesting insights with Luca and Stefan.

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Problem Solver Battery Storage

From "Wirtschaf ntv", 10.12.2021

TESVOLT: "We are at the beginning of a market revolution"

A new hidden champion is growing up in Lutherstadt Wittenberg: TESVOLT. The founders have developed highly efficient battery storage systems that are used in industrial plants, among other things. Their idea solves a major problem of the energy transition. More than one hundred people now work at the startup. They have implemented over 3000 projects around the world, in Chile, Rwanda, in a Coca- Cola plant in Brazil, in Norway, but also on the excursion steamers of the Spree River. TESVOLT's battery storage systems are now becoming a global player because they solve a major problem of the energy transition: Renewable energy needs to be stored, and TESVOLT's wardrobe-sized batteries can store it more efficiently and for even longer.

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YouTuber "Robin Schmid" Visits TESVOLT

From "Robin TV GREEN", 15.12.2021

First gigafactory for battery storage in Europe visited

Tesvolt has built Europe's first Gigafactory in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, where it now manufactures energy storage systems for commercial use. We took a look behind the scenes to show how these energy storage systems are built, which technologies are applied and which projects can be realized worldwide!

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Photovoltaic Film

One storage system for all applications!

TESVOLT CTO Simon Schandert presented our new all-rounder TS-I HV 80 for photovoltaik in an interview with Niels Hendrik Petersen. This storage system is designed for multiple applications and offers a complete system solution, consisting of a battery inverter, battery storage unit, and its own energy management.
Optimized self-consumption and, at the same time, intelligent peak load shaving have not been possible until now. Operators of a commercial storage facility had to decide to optimize an application. The new TS-I HV 80 from TESVOLT changes that!

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Sustainable Saxony-Anhalt

From "fDiintelligence", October/November 2021

The German State Is Pushing to Be a Hub for Green Technologies

In a year beset by devastating floods and record heat waves, the need to speed up the energy transition has been brought into sharp focus. The German state of Saxony-Anhalt is playing its part to address this fundamental challenge. In 2019, 61,5% of Saxony-Anhalt´s electricity was generated by renewable energy sources, exceeding the German average of 46.1%, according to local government data. While challanges remain along it´s path to phase out coal by 2038, particularly in southern Saxony-Anhalt which has a history of lignite-based energy, the private sector is working on broad range of solutions.

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News From the West: Steag Plans to Build One of the World’s Largest Batteries

From "Handelsblatt online", 28.03.2021

"We have gigawatt hours of storage capacity in Europe and we are not using these resources."

Daniel Hannemann, CEO at TESVOLT, spoke in an interview with Handelsblatt about the need for more flexibility in the electricity grid and highlighted the potential of battery storage for commerce and industry. Currently in Germany, power generation on the one hand and grid operation on the other are strictly separated. What does this look like in other countries and what effects does this have?

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