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09/09/2020: Tesvolt delivers storage system for Patagonia National Park

A “run-of-the-river” hydroelectric power station, photovoltaic installation, and battery storage system have been combined to provide facilities in the Patagonia National Park with electricity from renewable energy sources. The park is part of one of the most important nature conservation projects in the world.

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19/06/2020: Tesvolt wins leading innovation prize for SMEs

We are proud to have been named “Top Innovator of the Year” in the TOP 100 competition. In addition to our rapid growth and agile organisational form, the 31-member jury was also impressed by the innovative technology that underpins Tesvolt storage systems.

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08/06/2020: New-generation TESVOLT Active Battery Optimizer (ABO)

We’ve recently begun delivering our systems with the Active Battery Optimizer 2.0 to increase installation safety for our storage systems and improve balancing.

The ABO monitors and controls charging and discharging in each individual cell. It now has improved hardware, but keeps its familiar functions.

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01/06/2020: Looking back at the TESVOLT EuroTour

From February to May 2020, we held our EuroTour for interested specialist partners. Throughout Europe, almost 1,400 registered for the event.

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13/05/2020: TS HV 70 high-voltage system awarded second place in reader’s vote

For the third time, (the specialist portal for building technology) hosted a reader’s vote to choose the products of the year. Around 3,200 professionals from the building technology sector took part in the vote.

In the Energy category, we were awarded second place with our high-voltage storage system, TS HV 70. The awards were presented virtually in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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22/04/2020: TESVOLT delivers storage system for Europe’s largest electric car charging station

The motorway junction in Hilden, Germany, is the site of a 12,000 m2 electric car charging station, the largest in Europe. TESVOLT is delivering the required storage system containers, which have an overall capacity of 2 megawatt hours. All the charging points are supplied with 100% green electricity.

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15/04/2020: TESVOLT training and certification goes online

We’re now offering our specialist partners the chance to complete our certification training online via webinars. You’ll learn everything you need to know about installing and commissioning our storage systems, and our training experts will ensure that you’re certified to the same standards as with our on-site training.

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