Your TESVOLT storage system will deliver peak performance every day – and for many years to come. To make sure you can sit back and relax without worrying about dangers like extreme weather, vandalism and theft, a reputable German insurance company is offering all risk insurance, including downtime coverage, for your TESVOLT battery storage system.

This cover kicks in when failure of the battery system makes load levelling or an increase in self-consumption impossible. This in turn protects your business model that you obtained the TESVOLT storage system for.

The all-in-one package for your TESVOLT storage system:

What is covered?

  • Complete battery storage system
  • Peak load shaving
  • Self-consumption

Territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Policy duration: 2, 3, 4 or 5 years depending on individual risk
Contribution rate: EUR 6 per kW per insurance year
Deductible: EUR 500 for material damage; 3 days for downtime coverage
Downtime coverage:

  • Peak load shaving: EUR 100/kW; max. EUR 20,000 net p.a.
  • Self-consumption: flat rate of EUR 0.30 per kW per day; max. 6 months

Scope of coverage:
Battery storage systems consisting of

  • batteries,
  • battery management system (BMS),
  • energy management system (EMS)
  • charge controllers,
  • casing, control cabinet,
  • inverters and
  • safety features

are insured to a maximum usable capacity of 180 kWh.