Your benefits at TESVOLT

We offer you more than just a great workplace

Health management. Your health is very important to us. As well as providing a positive working environment, we also offer various programmes and measures to promote your health. Our workstations are ergonomically designed as a matter of course; in addition we facilitate regular individual health check-ups for you.

Occupational safety. With us you always have a clear view. We know that working at a screen for long periods can lead to eye strain. That is why we offer you a precautionary medical examination in this area and if necessary will subsidise a pair of glasses for working at a monitor.

Green working. Green is everywhere in our offices. Green in the figurative sense – with a rigorous digitalisation strategy including almost entirely paperless processes – and literally: our offices have a completely green décor, including moss on the walls. We also hold walking meetings amidst the natural surrounds of Lutherstadt Wittenberg or Berlin’s urban centre.

Professional development. Innovation takes effort. To perform at our best, we need to give our brains a tune-up now and then. That’s why we provide a fixed, individual professional development budget for each employee. You can use this for conferences, meet-ups, webinars, in-house courses, books – get inspired!

Flexible working times. We trust you. You decide when you are at your most effective by setting your daily working hours yourself, in consultation with your team.

Bikeleasing. And we can help you get moving in other ways: with Bikeleasing, we’ve got a strong partner at our side to provide bicycle leasing with tax benefits. Go ahead and lease your dream bike with TESVOLT.

Remote work. Here, working hours don’t necessarily mean office hours. If your role allows, you can also work from home, as long as you have a reliable internet connection and you can work completely undisturbed. Ideally, we’ll meet up regularly in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Food and drink. When you need a break at one of our offices, you can enjoy a selection of fruit and drinks at any time, free of charge. And there’s a kitchen for you and your colleagues so you can cook your own food. But sometimes we all just order something together.

Work-life balance. We offer you a range of options for optimal balance between your personal and family life and your work. That includes flexible parental leave and part-time working options.

Team events. Play is just as important as work. That’s why all staff from all locations come together twice a year: at Christmas time, and a summer celebration – and the whole family’s invited. We also set aside one working day per year for a joint team development session.

Fitness. Movement helps you change your perspective – and keeps you fit. At our Wittenberg site, you can join our weekly running group, or work out on your own in our gym. And of course there’s also a ping pong table.

Retirement planning. Your future is important to us. We’re already thinking ahead to your well-earned retirement, with TESVOLT subsidies for your pension.