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Are you about to graduate from school and interested in vocational training? Would you like to get straight into practice and gain a deep insight into everyday working life? Then you've come to the right place!

Your training at TESVOLT offers you many advantages and exciting opportunities for personal and professional development.

We offer the following apprenticeships:

Management assistant for office management

Mechatronics technician

IT specialist for system integration

Warehouse logistics specialist

No matter what you are interested in, we offer you a varied apprenticeship with a wide range of tasks and experiences.

Training starts on 1 August and the training usually lasts 3 years (mechatronics technician lasts 3.5 years). For the training, you need a good secondary school leaving certificate.

If you would like to apply for an apprenticeship at TESVOLT, you can find more information about the application process here.

You can find our vacant apprenticeship positions on our careers page. Alternatively, you can send us an unsolicited application.

Your numerous advantages

These benefits will inspire you:

Flexible working hours. We value a good work-life balance. That's why we offer flexible working time models that allow you to combine your training and personal interests.

Further training. With us, you have the chance to continuously develop yourself. We offer regular training and development programs to expand your skills and knowledge.

Health care. Your health is important to us. That's why we offer you extensive preventive health care measures, such as regular health checks and fitness programs.

Implement your own ideas. At TESVOLT, we encourage initiative and innovative ideas. We give you the space to realise your own projects and contribute your creativity.

Reimbursement of travel expenses. We support you financially by reimbursing travel or accommodation costs as part of your training.

Work clothes. We will provide you with high-quality work clothes that will support you in your daily work and ensure your safety.

Trainee projects. You will have the opportunity to participate in exciting trainee projects and contribute your own ideas. Here you can take on responsibility and demonstrate your creative skills.

Catering. At all our locations, you can access a selection of fruit and drinks free of charge whenever you need a break. We also have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals. Sometimes, however, we all just order something together.

Team events. At TESVOLT, we value a positive working environment and a strong team spirit. That's why we regularly organise team events where you can get to know your colleagues better and have fun together.

Our apprenticeship in detail

The apprenticeships at TESVOLT offer exciting challenges and good development opportunities. You can apply your interest and skills in your desired area and contribute to an innovative company.

Take the experiences of our trainees Niklas, Jette, Can and Lucas as an example. They report on their exciting tasks, their personal development, and the positive working environment at TESVOLT.

Management assistant for office management:

As an office management assistant at TESVOLT, you take on commercial and administrative functions in various areas such as personnel, finance, purchasing and sales. You coordinate and organise processes, process orders and prepare data. You also take care of written and telephone communication and support the team in administrative tasks. You learn to work professionally in an office environment and work with common office software programs.

Vocational school: Wittenberg vocational school centre

Duration: 3 years

Requirements: good organisational skills, strong communication skills and a careful way of working

Question: Hello Jette, how long have you been doing your training at TESVOLT and which team do you belong to?

Jette: Hello! I started my training as an office management assistant at TESVOLT in the summer of 2020 and completed it in July 2023. I spent most of my training in the Customer Service/Back Office & Logistics team.

Question: What are your daily tasks and what did you learn during your training?

Jette: My tasks included preparing offers, orders and invoices, as well as logistical support for the delivery of our goods in the national area. I learned to work independently and to take responsibility. That has definitely given me a lot of self-confidence. It's a lot of fun to work in my team and with the customers at TESVOLT.

Question: Hey Niklas, how long have you been doing your training at TESVOLT?

Niklas: Hello, I have been doing my training as an office management assistant at TESVOLT since August 2022.

Question: What are your tasks in your team and how do you like the training so far?

Niklas: I work in the Human Resources team and learn about all the processes involved in human resources management. I particularly enjoy the fact that as a trainee I can make my own decisions and manage my tasks independently. I also appreciate the opportunity to work both independently and in a team. Overall, I really like the training at TESVOLT.

Mechatronics technician

As a mechatronics technician at TESVOLT, you will work on the maintenance, servicing and repair of systems and machines. You will gain an insight into mechanical and electronic systems and learn how to program, install and test modern hardware and software components. During your training, you will acquire extensive knowledge in the areas of mechanics, electronics and IT. You will be responsible for the assembly, commissioning and monitoring of mechatronic systems and plants.

Cooperation partner: BBW Wittenberg

Vocational school: "Hugo Junkers" vocational school centre Dessau

Duration: 3.5 years

Requirements: Technical interest, manual dexterity and logical thinking skills

Question: Hello Valerij! When did you start your training as a mechatronics technician at TESVOLT?

Valerij: I am already in the final year of my third apprenticeship. During this time I have already been able to work in various teams.

Question: Could you give us an insight into the tasks you have taken on? And how would you rate your overall experience at TESVOLT?

Valerij: Within the ESD (Electrical System Development) team, I am mainly responsible for the installation of new and existing electrical systems in the building. I also assist with the battery systems. During my time in container construction, I had the opportunity to independently assemble a container as well as some outdoor cabinets. In addition, I was able to help in the service team with testing and repairing the APUs. (APU is short for 'Active Power Unit', which is the central control unit of the storage unit and home of the battery management system).

In general, I am extremely satisfied with my training at TESVOLT. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to gain insights into everyday working life in different teams, which broadens my horizons. The good team spirit is particularly noteworthy. I found it really cool that I can take on my own projects and thus experiment and learn a lot, especially with regard to our container projects.

Warehouse logistics specialist

As a warehouse logistics specialist at TESVOLT, you are responsible for all processes in the warehouse. You monitor and control processes, receive goods, store them properly and pick them for dispatch. You ensure optimal warehousing, monitor stocks, carry out key figure analyses and procure goods. You also take care of the labelling and marking of the consignments and ensure that the goods are secured. Compliance with safety and environmental regulations plays an important role.

Vocational school: Wittenberg vocational school centre

Duration: 3 years

Requirements: Interest in logistical processes, organisational skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Question: Hello, Can! When did you start your training as a warehouse logistics specialist at TESVOLT?

I have been part of the TESVOLT team since August 2022 and am at home in the warehouse area.

Question: What tasks are on your desk in your team and how do you feel about your training period so far?

Within the warehouse, I am responsible for a variety of tasks. These include receiving and issuing goods, picking customer orders, storing and managing goods properly, and carefully packing our products for shipping.

I particularly appreciate the varied interaction with other departments such as purchasing and sales. I'm happy that I'm actively involved in the processes and get many opportunities to contribute. A highlight for me was obtaining my forklift licence, which enables me to transport our goods safely with a forklift.

IT Specialist for System Integration

As an IT specialist for system integration at TESVOLT, you are responsible for planning, configuring and maintaining IT systems. You ensure the networking of hardware and software components, troubleshoot and support employees with technical problems. You analyse processes and procedures, carry out data backups and install hardware, software and peripheral devices. You set up and maintain networks and are responsible for IT security.

Vocational school: Halle vocational school centre

Duration: 3 years

Requirements: Interest in information technologies, analytical thinking, and an affinity for technical systems.

Question: Hello Lucas! When did you start your training as an IT specialist for system integration at TESVOLT?

Lucas: Hello! I have been completing my training at TESVOLT since 15.08.2021.

Question: What are your tasks as an IT specialist and what advantages does training at TESVOLT offer you?

Lucas: I am responsible for tasks such as setting up laptops, networking hardware components and troubleshooting technical problems. I particularly like the fact that I have flexible working hours at TESVOLT and can also work from my home office. This allows me to have a good work-life balance and brings flexibility to my daily work routine.

Interested? We look forward to welcoming you to our team soon!

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