Welcome to Tesworld

Welcome to TESWORLD!

Immerse yourself in a world of sustainability, where renewable energies supply all the power — flexibly and at any time!

The TESWORLD AR app relies on augmented reality technology to showcase our wide array of energy storage solutions. Discover how TESVOLT products can help you to enhance the energy supply system of the future. 

Using five different application examples, the app will show you how:

  • a battery storage system can help lower your electricity costs long-term
  • you can increase self-consumption of self-generated energy
  • costly peak loads can be shaved, for instance by installing charging stations
  • you can safeguard yourself against costly power outages
  • power can be used even without a grid connection
  • you can use energy storage solutions to stabilise grids

What’s more, the app is fun to use and completely free of cost. So, what are you waiting for? Get the new TESWORLD app today.

You can download the TESWORLD app to your iPad, iPhone or AR-capable Android device.

Get the app:
Please note that the TESWORLD App is only running on devices that are compatible with AR and Vuforia.
Please find all compatible devices on the following link.
How it works:
  • Download the TESWORLD-App on your Ipad, Iphone or AR compatible Android device.
  • Download the marker for one of the applications you are interested in and print it out.
  • Run the TESWORLD-App and scan the marker you have selected.
  • Experience the TESWOLRLD in augmented reality.

Do you want to learn more about how TESVOLT energy storage solutions can help you lower your electricity costs? Our storage system experts will show you.

Download the flyer Feel free to contact us!

That's how it works:

To use an AR-App successfully it is important to start it by scanning a printed marker of your choice.

To do so please download the App, and make sure to download the markers of your choice in parallel.

Please follow the instructions of the user´s manual to start and use the app successfully.

user´s manual

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