TS-I HV 80 Lithium Storage System

Battery storage system, inverter and energy management in one system

TESVOLT TS-I HV 80 storage systems are fitted with an integrated 3-phase battery inverter.

The inverter is available in four power levels and can be upgraded at a later date. It can also be operated in parallel with up to five cascaded systems.

Combined with the innovative TESVOLT energy management system, TESVOLT TS-I HV 80 systems adapt perfectly to the requirements of trade and industry.

TESVOLT energy management offers not only the most diverse, combinable range of applications, it also enables comprehensive monitoring via the myTESWORLD application, intelligent consumer control, and improved power quality.

This flexibility increases the sustainability of your TESVOLT battery storage system and, thanks to multi-use application, its profitability as well. TS-I HV 80 systems can also be used “off-grid” to form grids outside the grid connection.

Depicted with upper panels (accessory not included)

Marketing of the pre-series with limited functionalities will start in September 2020.

From Q1 2021, series production with full functionalities will start.

Currently only sold to specialist partners certified for this system! Please inquire about possible functionalities directly with your contact person!

The all-rounder

Benefits of TESVOLT inverters

  • Black start capable – the battery inverter can be operated off-grid or supply back-up power in the event of disruption to grid supply
  • Active filter – stabilises voltage and frequency while reducing load imbalance, reactive power and harmonics in the local utility grid
  • Modular principle – the inverter consists of up to four IPU inverter modules (of 85 kW each, can be upgraded at any time)
  • Control rate – response time to power requirements in the network in milliseconds
  • Maximum power density – potential for up to 340 kW with a footprint of just 0.54 m2

Benefits of the TESVOLT energy management system myTESWORLD

  • Universally applicable – off-grid, back-up power, peak load shaving, increased self-consumption, multi-use, power quality, time of use, forecast-based charging, consumer control, generator control, grid services (e.g. PBP)
  • Multi-use – combine various applications such as increased self-consumption, peak load shaving, time of use, back-up power and others
  • TESVOLT monitoring portal – real time control and monitoring of the battery storage system/inverter’s function and savings (energy and CO2)
  • Long-term flexibility – new functions can be added even after many years
  • If WLAN, a mobile wireless network or other wireless interface is available, updates can be easily implemented over-the-air

Application areas

The TS-I HV 80 battery storage system with integrated inverter and the TESVOLT energy management system can be used in more application areas than ever before, increasing the benefits and profitability significantly.

Increase in self-consumption

Use more of the power you generate and cut your electricity costs

Peak load shaving

Cap your consumption peaks and save money thanks to reduced grid connection

Charging station infrastructure

Combine applications such as peak load shaving, self-consumption and grid services with further options including control of e-charging points, overcharge safety devices, charging with excess power, and prioritisation of individual charging stations

Multi-use applications

The Pro version also offers peak load shaving, optimisation of self-consumption, and back-up power (off-grid).

Grid services

Manage frequency, reactive and active power, and balance utility grid fluctuations. (Pro version, project-based)

Time of Use

Store power in the battery during favourable lower tariff periods and use as required when expensive tariffs apply.

Power quality

Active filter ensures utility grid improvements. Can also be combined with other applications

Off Grid

For forming off-grid networks and microgrids


Includes black start capability

Generator control

For combined heat and power units and diesel generators, for instance

Consumer control

Domestic and commercial consumers with dynamic output restriction on the line connection (black-out protection) and heat pump control with adjustable turn-on threshold and turn-on delay

Forecast-based charging

To avoid curtailment losses in the photovoltaic installation

System structure


System structure


Possible connection variants

Up to 1500 kW and 1500 kWh

Country availability

Availability outside Germany on request

Technical specifications inverter

1 independent power unit 2 IPU 3 IPU 4 IPU
Rated effective power 75 kW 150 kW 225 kW 300 kW
Rated apparent power 75 kVA 150 kVA 225 kVA 300 kVA
Rated AC current 125 A 250 A 375 A 500 A
Rated DC current 140 A 280 A 420 A 560 A
DC short-circuit current 175 A 350 A 525 A 700 A
Operating voltage AC 400 V
Grid frequency 50 / 60 Hz
DC voltage range 680 to 1200 V DC
Dimensions (H x W x d) 2200 x 820 x 660 mm
Max. efficiency 97,8 %
Operating temperature 0 bis 40 °C
Weight approx. 390 kg approx. 530 kg approx. 670 kg approx. 820 kg
Protection class IP 20
Communication Modbus TCP/IP
Topology transformatorlos
Certificates and permits EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/8/11, EN 61000-6-2/4, EN 55011, EN 62477-1, EN 60664-1, IEC 60364, EN 61439-1/2,
EN 50178, CE, VDE-AR-N 4110: 2018-11, VDE-AR-N 4120: 2018-11

Technical specifications battery

Energy for each TS-I HV 80 battery system (16 battery modules) 76 kWh
C-rate 1 C
Cells Lithium NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)
Max. charging, discharging current 94 A
Cell balancing Active Battery Optimizer
Cycles @ 100% DoD | 70% EoL | 23 °C +/-5 °C 1C/1C 6 000
Cycles @ 100% DoD | 70% EoL | 23 °C +/-5 °C 0,5C/0,5C 8 000
Efficiency (battery) up to 98%
Self-consumption (standby) 5 Watt (without battery inverter)
Operating voltage 761 to 930 V DC
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Humidity 0 to 85% (non-condensing)
Total weight (16 battery modules, 2 racks) 823 kg
Weight per battery module/ cabinet 36 kg | 120 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1 900 x 1 200x600 mm
Certificates/standards Cells IEC 62619, UL 1642, UN 38.3
Product CE, UN 38.3, IEC 62619, IEC 61000-6-2/4/7, BattG 2006/66/EG
Guarantee 10-year performance guarantee, 5-year system guarantee
Recycling TESVOLT offers free return of batteries from Germany
Protection class IP 20
TESVOLT storage assistant
The TESVOLT storage assistant will help you determine your ideal storage system with the perfect size and features to meet your needs.
TESVOLT storage assistant
TESVOLT storage assistant


Battery Disposal

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