TS 48 V Lithium Storage System

  • can be flexibly expanded in 4.8 kWh increments
  • 3 different rack sizes
  • optimized for use with the SMA Sunny Island
  • flexible configuration and expansion possible, even years down the road
  • built to last 30 years or 8,000 full cycles
  • 1C charging speed

When flexibility is needed

Perfectly adaptable for every application

The TS system is not only flexible and can be optimally adjusted to suit any application, it is also one of the most advanced and efficient storage systems on the market.

All the components of our storage systems are designed to last 8,000 cycles or offer a 30-year lifespan, thereby guaranteeing excellent cost efficiency.

Thanks to high-quality battery cells from the automotive industry and innovative technologies, such as the Active Battery Optimizer, our TS storage system is one of the safest and most efficient products on the market.

TS storage systems can store energy very quickly, and release it again just as quickly. With a discharge rate of 1C – and even 4C for short periods – the storage system is optimized for professional use in commercial applications, agriculture and industry.

Our TS storage systems not only offer flexible configuration options at the moment of purchase – thanks to the innovative Active Battery Optimizer technology, the capacity can also be expanded years later.

Current product innovations

  • Multi-Use: Peak load capping and Time of use
  • Multi-Use: Increase self consumption and Time of use
  • Time of use
  • APU with SD memory card
  • ABO 2.0 with rack balancing cables that only plug in one way, and break-resistant ribbon cables

Areas of application

All TS lithium storage systems can be used in island grids as well as grid-connected and can be flexibly combined with any type of energy generator such as photovoltaic, bioenergy, wind power or diesel generators.

Increase self consumption

Use more of the power you’ve generated and cut your electricity costs

Emergency power

In the event of a mains failure, your storage system takes over the power supply within fractions of a second.

Genset optimization

Save on fuel and enhance the efficiency and lifetime of your diesel generator.


Build your own independent utility grid with technologies such as photovoltaic installations.

Time of Use

Store electricity in the battery at a favourable low tariff and use it when needed at a time of expensive high tariff.

Modular principle

TS storage systems can be flexibly adapted to suit your application. The desired capacity can be built up in 4.8 kWh increments. One Active Power Unit (APU) can control up to 16 battery modules. Three different racks are available as housing for up to 5, 8 or 10 battery modules. The 1-phase or 3-phase connection and the connected load determine the number of battery inverters required.

Complete System

Number of battery modules 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
TS 25 (2 – 5 modules) 1300x600x600mm (HxWxD)
TS 40 (6 – 8 modules) 1900x600x600mm (HxWxD)
TS 50 (9 – 10 modules) 2300x600x600mm (HxWxD)
TS Flex (energy as required) Flexibly configure your system according to your requirements.
Energy [kWh] 9,6 14,4 19,2 24,0 28,8 33,6 38,4 43,2 48,0
Capacity [Ah] 188 282 376 470 564 658 752 846 940
Maximum output power 1C
Selfconsumption (standby) 3 watt (without battery inverter)
Weight [kg] 192 228 264 300 386 422 458 514 550
System 1-phase, 3-phase
Protection class IP 20 (indoor use)
System compatibility Sunny Island (SMA Solar Technology AG)
Storage assistant
Our storage assistant will help you determine the right TESVOLT storage system, and the ideal size and features to meet your needs.
Storage assistant

Specification text

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