Lithium storage system TPS-E

The all-rounder for grid services and industry

  • High energy density – up to 40% cheaper than the previous model TPS 1.0 with doubled capacity and the same footprint
  • Exceptional efficiency thanks to new eco-cooling concept and intelligent operation management
  • Flexible configuration and expansion possible even years later
  • Low maintenance and service costs thanks to optimal remote maintenance
  • Long lifespan designed for a life cycle of 30 years
  • Extremely resilient – can be used in environments with temperatures from -25 to +50°C
  • Samsung SDI high-quality cells with the highest safety standards and long lifespan

Other Benefits

  • Can be used up to a rated voltage of 1,300 V DC
  • Black start capable
  • 100% DoD
  • High failure safety through master/slave systems
  • AI-ready – prepared for automated AI fault diagnostics
  • Three different container sizes available (20 ft, 40 ft or 45 ft)
  • Easy to transport on water and land thanks to ISO containers
  • Optimised for use with SMA Sunny Central Storage System

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Areas of application

The TPS-E storage system is optimised for particularly demanding operations in commercial enterprises. The investment costs for the system and the price per kWh stored remain low thanks to the system’s exceptional cost-efficiency.

Increase Self-Consumption:

Use more of the power you generate
and save electricity costs

Peak Load Shaving:

Cap your consumption peaks and save money
thanks to reduced grid connection

Charging Station Infrastructure:

Solve the problems of the future and combine peak load shaving,
self-consumption and grid services applications

Diesel Hybrid Optimisation:

Use the system to optimise your diesel hybrid consumption

Grid Services:

Manage frequency, reactive power and active power
and balance utility grid fluctuations

Time of Use

Store electricity in the battery at a favourable low tariff
and use it as required at high-tariff periods

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C-Rate 1C
Cell Lithium NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)
Cell–balancing DynamiX Battery Optimizer
Expected cycles at 100 % DoD | 70 % EoL | 23 °C ± 5°C 1C/1C 6000
Expected cycles at 100 % DoD | 70 % EoL | 23 °C ± 5°C 0,5 C/0,5C 8000
Cycle efficiency (battery, DC/DC) up to 98%
Operating voltage up to 1300 V DC
Communication interface CAN 2.0, Modbus TCP/IP
Certificates/norms (currently in preparation) Cell IEC 62619, UL 1642, UN 38.3
Product CE, UN 38.3, IEC 62619, IEC 61000-6-2/4, UL1973, BattG 2006/66/EG
Warranty 10-year capacity warranty, 5-year system warranty
Recycling free battery take-back program from TESVOLT in Germany
Protection class IP 20
Battery specification as per DIN EN 62620:2015 IMP47/175/127/[14S]E/-20+60/90


Size 20 ft 40 ft 45 ft
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6,06 x 2,44 x 2,90 m 12,12 x 2,44 x 2,90 m 13,72 x 2,44 x 2,90 m
Energy (max.) 1,92 MWh 3,45 MWh 4,22 MWh
Number of storage systems up to 20 up to 36 up to 44
External operating temperature range -20 to 45 °C
Altitude of installation site < 2000 m above sea level (other specifi cations on request)
Protection class IP 54
Special equipment (optional)

Fire alarm system, fire extinguisher, CSC certification,
available in all RAL colours, greater operating temperature range,
corrosion protection to C4


Battery Disposal