Lithiumspeicher HV

Lithium battery storage systems for the commercial sector & industry

Always a good match!

TESVOLT batteries at a glance:

  • For solar, wind, hydropower, biogas plants and CHP plants
  • Capacities ranging from 10 kWh to several megawatt-hours
  • On- and off-grid
  • Active bidirectional battery management system
  • Customised charging speeds
  • Real replacement power (900 A)
  • Stand-alone grid function
  • Maximum safety
  • Can be installed almost anywhere

Suitable for any application

TESVOLT specialises in high-performance lithium storage systems which are particularly suitable for application in commerce and industry. Thanks to a highly flexible modular system, our various battery sizes can be combined in any way required – with a capacity ranging from 10 kWh to up to several megawatt-hours. They take up only a small amount of space and can also withstand extreme temperatures of between 5 and 40 degrees – and can be installed almost anywhere.

You decide how fast your storage system charges!

You choose the speed of your battery storage system. Select the number and output of the charge controllers, depending on the capacity of your storage system, and desired charging speed. TESVOLT batteries can be fitted with up to 36 charge controllers with a total output of up to 216 kilowatts. The more controllers and the higher their output, the more power the system stores in a correspondingly short time.

Long service life

Our self-developed active battery management system ensures the optimal battery cell charging and discharging rate and makes our power storage systems particularly durable. TESVOLT guarantees a 10-year performance warranty on all batteries. Their are designed to offer a minimum service life is 20 years.

Twice as safe

Our lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide battery cells by Samsung SDI are among the safest on the market. The cells are also prevented from overheating or overloading by the battery management system and temperature sensors.

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Our production
Our production
Our products explained quickly and simply
Our products explained
quickly and simply
Our 120 kWh battery as featured in an interview on MDR
Our 120 kWh battery as
featured in an interview on MDR (German broadcasting company)
Lithiumspeicher HV


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