TPS lithium storage system

For large-scale applications

  • Optimized for use with the SMA Sunny Central Storage System
  • Especially cost-efficient for megawatt applications
  • Container module effectively protects
    the storage system from external influences
  • flexible configuration and expansion is possible,
    even years down the road
  • Built to last 30 years and 8,000 full cycles
  • 1C charging speed
  • The safest cell technology

Areas of application


Provision of grid system services
Q(U) on demand, Balancing power, Ramp rate control, P(f) on demand

Peak load capping:
offsetting peaks in demand (load shifting and load shedding)


The TPS system is not only flexible and can be optimally adjusted to suit any application, it is also one of the most advanced and efficient storage systems on the market.

All the components of our storage systems are built to last 30 years and 8,000 cycles, thereby guaranteeing excellent cost efficiency.

Thanks to high-quality battery cells from the automotive industry and innovative technologies, such as the Active Battery Optimizer, our TPS storage system is one of the safest and most efficient products on the market.

TPS storage systems can store energy very quickly, and release it again even faster. With a continuous power rating of 1C for charging and discharging, the storage system is optimised for professional use in industry and grid services.

Our TPS storage systems not only offer flexible configuration options at the moment of purchase – thanks to the innovative Active Battery Optimizer technology, the capacity can also be expanded years later.

System setup



Combined with suitable battery inverters (e.g. SMA SCS), the TPS system can be used in off-grid networks, for example to optimize diesel hybrid plants (genset optimization control). This lowers fuel consumption and saves costs.

Modular principle

TPS storage systems can be flexibly adapted to suit your application: They can be installed in systems with a voltage of up to 950 V DC and are available from 200 kWh. Three different sizes of containers (20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft) can be used as housing. The containers can be fitted with racks holding up to 8 or 10 battery modules.

Example SMA SCS configurations
SMA product SCS 500 SCS 720 SCS 1000 SCS 2200
Nominal power at 40 °C 500 kVA 720 kVA 1,000 kVA 2,000 kVA
Battery system
Voltage range (battery) 627,2 to 813,4 V 627,2 to 813,4 V 672 to 871,5 V 714 to 870 V
1C 8 systems at 76,8 kWh each 10 systems at 76,8 kWh each 14 systems at 76,8 kWh each 28 systems at 76,8 kWh each
Energy 614,4 kWh 768,0 kWh 1 075 kWh 2 150 kWh
Product (container) TPS 500 (20ft) TPS 650 (20ft) TPS 1,000 (40ft) TPS 2,000 (45ft)
0,5C 16 systems at 76,8 kWh each 20 systems at 76,8 kWh each 28 systems at 76,8 kWh each 56 systems at 76,8 kWh each
Energy 1 228,8 kWh 1 536,0 kWh 2 150 kWh 2 x 2150  kWh
Product (container) TPS 1,000 (40ft) TPS 1,400 (40ft) TPS 2,000 (45ft) 2x TPS 2,000 (45ft)


Our storage assistant will help you determine the right TESVOLT storage system, and the ideal size and features to meet your needs.

Specification text

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Battery disposal

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