Name of programme:
Solar-Speicher-Programm [Solar storage system programme]

What does it fund?

  • It funds investment in a fixed battery storage system that is installed in conjunction with a new photovoltaic installation connected to the distribution grid.
  • Battery storage systems for existing PV installations are not funded.

Who does it fund?

  • Private households
  • Regional administrative authorities and their schools
  • Companies
  • Associations
  • Charitable organisations
  • Funding conditions, amount of funding:
  • EUR 100 per kWh of storage capacity
  • The funding limit for private households is EUR 1,000
  • The funding limit for companies, associations and other organisations is EUR 10,000
  • For companies, associations and other organisations, a prerequisite for the funding is a new PV installation with an output of at least 10 kWp.

Duration of programme:

The applicant may only proceed with their project once they have received confirmation that their funding application has been received. At that point, starting preliminary work is considered approved, provided that all the requirements of the funding programme have been met.

Contact and further information: